Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Friends

Charlotte and I are playing with our big buddies on the field. What fun we had.

Photographer: Georgia
Reporter: Charlie

Monday, May 30, 2011

Take a look at Isaac, Lachlan and Josh W's ball skills

At lunch time I spied some especially good ball skills. Look at the accuracy of these throws as the ball goes easily into the hoop! I know I couldn't do that. I think you boys have been persevering.

Lachlan was noticed in Jump Jam

This term we have Jump Jam every day at 11.50. We are learning some great dance steps. Today Lachlan was noticed being brilliant. You will need to be on the stage tomorrow Lachlan. Well done!

Monday morning catch up

Every Monday morning we like to catch up on each other's weekend news. Sometimes we use our buzz groups and sometimes we use the doughnut circle sharing. Look at these children modeling great listening.

A family treasure

Today I brought my great great grandfathers war medal. The war was at France on the other side of the world. It is a family treasure!

Reporter: Brooke

The Big Guitar Performance

I had to play my guitar on stage in front of the whole entire school. Tim is my guitar teacher and he wanted to share how good we were.

Reporter Amity

Questions for Mum or Dad

We have all made up questions for Mum or Dad as part of our inquiry unit into our family connections. These questions will come home today in the homework books. We asked questions that were interesting to us such as "Who was your best friend at school?" or "Where were you born?" We will share these questionnaires on Friday.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Remarkable recorder playing

On Friday we have our recorder lesson. We know B A G and we will soon learn C. It sounds beautiful when we play together and it won't be long until we are ready for a performance.

Photographer Brooke

What is that beautiful scent?

Today we had some winter sweet in the classroom. It smelt wonderful and the scent filled the classroom. How lovely to find scented flowers as winter approaches.

Look at my family

Today we were busy creating family portraits. We pretended we were taking a family photo and we had to make a family group. Next week we will work on the background to the portrait.

Noughts and Crosses

Today we had a game of noughts and crosses. The long sleeves challenged the short sleeves and the long sleeves won - 4:3. It was the first time we had played but it didn't take long to become expert. How about another game next Friday?

Family Tree sharing

Our Extra for Experts task this week was to create a family tree. Look at all the family trees we examined. It was easy to see our immediate family and our extended family. We loved sharing your family stories children. Thank you!


I am making catapults. Yesterday we made some. It was a lot of fun.

Reporter: Jayden

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Family Tree

I took my family tree yesterday . It was very cool.We had a look through it. We all liked it. The book was called Richardson Family Reunion 2009.I think the whole class loved it.I had to stand in front of the class. It took a long time .

Reporter: Georgia

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We love books in Room 9

Today we got a new load of books for our class library. We very happily looked through the new collection. We have also begun reading Bill Peet stories. These are great books and we try to read one every day.

Building catapults

In the Allen Centre there is a display of Masada where centuries ago the Jews tried to protect themselves from the Romans. It was an impossible task. The Romans were armed with huge catapults. At lunchtime today a group met to make model catapults. What fun you had boys!

Wow look where I am!

I am climbing up a tree at school. I can see way over to the classroom but they can't see me! I like it because it is nice and shady and hidden.

Reporter: Dylan

Happy birthday Kylie

Today I took a photo of Kylie with her brand new guitar. Looks good Kylie!

Reporter and Photographer: Henry

What fun!

When I went to After School Care me and Charlotte made some stuff and did some painting. I go every day to After School Care now. I really like it.

Reporter: Jackie

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Seals present a play

The Room 9 Little Theatre was in action again today when the Seals group presented the play, "Fire, Fire." We especially noticed the wonderful expression in Ollie's voice. You can see the cast asking the class some very difficult questions.

What precious photos

Today I brought these photos along to show the class. This is my extended family from a long long time ago. I am very proud of these old photos.

Reporter: Abby


Last night we were playing miniball. We versed St Marys. Guess what? We won. It was 28 to 7.

Reporters: Keziah and Liam

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Concert for the Rescue Helicopter

Tonight there was a splendid concert at Outram School to raise funds for the Rescue Helicopter. A large crowd came and enjoyed a rich programme of music, poetry and dance. The Junior Choir sang beautifully. Look carefully and you will see shining stars from Room 9. Kylie's father spoke at the end of the concert thanking everyone for the fine donation to the Rescue Helicopters.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Presentations at assembly

It was a big day for Isaac and William today. They were presented with certificates at assembly to mark the end of their reading recovery training. They have both worked very hard. Also Liam and Brooke received certificates because they were player of the day in their sports team. Keep shining Room 9!

Henry's extended family

Today Henry's father came into Room 9 with a wonderful family tree. He showed us how his extended family connected. Wow! Look at all your relations Henry!

Ball skills with our Big Buddies

Today we had Big Buddy time with Room 5. We went out on to the courts and had a game of line tag. Our Big Buddies noticed Ben playing really well.

Abigail is an 'Extra for Expert'

Our Extra for Experts topic this week was to share what we do in our families for fun. Abigail has been very busy drawing her family doing their favourite things. She also drew her family tree. Well done!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Room 9 we shine

Tomorrow is the last day at Outram School for Ezra. We decided to take a class photo for Ezra but it was very hard to get everyone to smile at the same time. Perhaps a class photo at the end of the day is not the best idea!

Autumn clean up and planting lettuces

There was a lot of activity at Garden Club today. First of all there was new compost to dig in and gardens to weed. After that we planted lettuces in the tunnel house. Finally we filled our take home bags with lettuces, capsicum, egg plant and tomatoes. Garden Club is great!