Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Buddy Time

It is so good to see sunshine again! Today we were able to have another game of Bump Tag with our Big Buddies. It was great fun.

A busy morning

There was a hive of industry during writing this morning. Several children were finishing their stone design descriptions for their Junior Explorer of the World book. Kerah was illustrating her story chosen for our 'Brilliant Stories' book while Andrew was writing a post for the class blog about his paper designs. The rest of the class raced to the hall to try another side vault before they wrote an explanation on how to do this type of vault.

Birthday cupcakes

Demi is turning seven and we were all able to celebrate with her today. Demi's kind Mummy brought in a huge collection of cupcakes for us. YUM!

Gymnastics and side vaulting

We have begun gymnastics and we love it. Our first two challenges are side vaulting and doing a correct forward roll.

Paper Scientist

In  my  reading  book  I  found  out  how  to  fold  a  house.  I  did  it  with  Mum.  Then  I  folded  it
  into  a  bird.  After  that  I folded it into a triangle.  Soon  I  had  a   great  idea.  My  idea  was  I  could
  make  a  paper  helicopter because  the  triangle  I  folded  looks  like  the  back  of  a  helicopter.  Soon  I  finished my helicopter.

By Andrew

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Watch us print

We had a lot of fun printing in the Workshop today. Here we are inking the blocks ready for printing our chalet mono prints.

Printing in the Workshop

Today we were back in the Workshop to do our printing. First we did some mono prints using two different techniques. Then we used our cardboard block to do another print. Well done everyone!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mapping around the school

Today Room 9 had a mapping challenge around the school. In pairs the children had to locate places around the school and then record the 2D shape that they found. Harrison and Fletcher were back first. What fun!

Let's compare Qatar and Switzerland with New Zealand

In Term 1 we investigated our New Zealand seasons. In Term 2 we took part in many experiments to try and understand our weather. Now we are comparing our climate and lifestyle with that of Qatar and Switzerland.  Look what Noah walked into Room 9 wearing today. Great choice of clothes Noah!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hooray, a new flag!

The sun was shining as I drove home this evening and today's flag looked brilliant.  Can you discover which country flies this flag? Can you name a city in this country?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Junior Japanese Club share lunch together

Today at Japanese club the children helped to make Japanese omelettes. They looked delicious and they certainly tasted delicious. We're wondering what will happen next week.

First Explorer of the World Challenge

We are all taking part in the Allen Centre Explorer of the World Challenge. Today for the first challenge we had to collect  some favourite stones, examining them carefully as we did so. We then built patterns with them on the concrete and enjoyed the beauty of these stones.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Penguins reading group become teachers

The Penguins reading group independently made a folded paper house after carefully reading the instructions. Today they had to teach a group of class mates their new skills. The second challenge was to turn to the next page of the Junior Journal and make the Christmas tree. Great results everyone!

Half the class go to Junior Sports Academy and half stay in Room 9 and play maths games.

We had a very close game of noughts and crosses today and finally the Year 3 team won. It is very challenging when team members are not allowed to talk to each other. This was followed by a very relaxed game of basic facts bingo.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday lunchtime

 Ted became a ukelele player at lunchtime today playing his first chord C. We sang along as he played. Inside the Allen Centre there was a hive of activity with the Drawing Club. Noah, Andrew, Olivia and Lily were keen to share their work. What talented children we have at Outram School!

Junior Explorer of the World

Today in the Allen Centre we examined beautiful stones and made them into our own patterns. We looked carefully at the colour, shape and texture of each stone.