Thursday, October 31, 2013

What a team!

On Wednesday Jacob brought this 100 pieces Triceratops puzzle. When we started we did the outside first. That took 5 minutes.  "YES" me and Andrew said excitedly. Then we had the middle to do."Andrew I got a puzzle bit in "I said.  Andrew said "Good on you".

Reporter: Jacob

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It felt like summer today!

It felt like summer today so at the end of the day after working on our brochures we raced outside to have some railway tracks competitions. It was so good to run bare foot across newly mown grass.

Sketching Master Class

Hamish and Ezra were chosen to be part of the Sketching Master Class in the Allen Centre. Today Ezra was studying the work of Raymond Ching while Hamish was creating sketches from the Lord of the Rings.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Oh what a wonderful Pet Day!

We watched the weather with anxiety as black clouds hung overhead but all was well. Apart from some early showers, the weather was fine. Animals arrived, judges did their work, competitions took place, bagpipes led the Grand Parade around the field, mystery jars, baking, bouncy castle ... oh what fun we had!  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A new song is performed

Today a musical group in Room 9 performed a new song to both Room 9 and Room 10. We also had some proud parents watching the song and dance routine. We were all so impressed.  Well done!

High jump practice

It is not long until our Athletics Sports at Memorial Park. There has been a lot of practice out on the fields. Today these high jumpers were snapped while having extra practice at lunch time.

We love the Allen Centre

Today Mrs Stedman shared with us a special creature that she had made. We watched and listened in amazement as she described it's habitat and it's characteristics. I wonder who else will make creatures to bring along to Pet Day on Friday. Afterwards we listened to some metaphore poems. They were brilliant.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Zealand Endangered Species

Today we began to make our brochures about endangered species in New Zealand. Hamish, Mary and Ezra have each made one to share with us. We worked in groups with a leader but we will all make our own brochure.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Swimming Champion

When I went swimming on Wednesday I swam without the finger to help me. Usually I put my pinky around the teacher's finger. I felt so proud that I didn't need a help.

Reporter: Hunter

Brilliant building

Hunter and I thought we would make a dangerous road in the sandpit. I made the hill while Hunter made a steep kink that led to Anita's hill. We even got to fit a tricky bridge. Hunter and I pretended there was toxic lava flowing underneath the bridge. We had a great time.

Reporter: Andrew

Oh so proud!

On Sunday Fynn and Ezra and 13 other boys ran Otago players out on to the field.They were very nervous because  there was over 200 people cheering and clapping at them.In the middle of the game Ezra grabbed the boars tusks and pulled them tight. After the game Ezra and Fynn bet up the boar.

Reporters: Fynn and Ezra
Photographer: Belinda

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Room 9 Assembly Item

We decided to share our new knowledge of traditional Inuit culture during our assembly item on Friday. We also demonstrated games that were played to keep the Inuit people fit and strong for their energetic lifestyle. Finally we sang an Inuit song with a great team of guitar players. During the song, Will and Lucia acted out the song.