Monday, November 28, 2011

The Book Fair

Hooray it was the Book Fair today. We all gathered in the Allen Centre and listened as Mrs Meehan gave us our instructions. Then we had a very happy time browsing through the new books. Mmm plenty of good reading here!

A Dipton visitor

My cousin Harrie came to my house from Dipton school.Harriet came for Elton John and Luke's birthday. Harrie got to sleep in my room and she really liked it.

Reporter: Olivia
Photographer: Dylan

Friday, November 25, 2011

Little Baby Brother

Yesterday I went to the hospital to see my new little baby brother . I got to hold him lots of
times . He is so so cute . Fletcher is so so so light and he has blue eyes. I think Jackson likes his new baby brother!

Reporter: Charlie

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Disco Dancing!

There was terrific dancing tonight. Most of the dances we knew because they were from Jump Jam. Which was your favourite dance?

Jumping for joy at the Junior Disco

This term our theme for the disco was story book characters and what a variety of characters could be seen. We danced and danced and danced and it was great fun. Room 9 has some wonderful dancers! Abigail won her packet of chippies because she picked up the most rubbish afterwards. Well done Abigail!

Look who came visiting!

Our Flag Expert, Mr Larkin came visiting Outram School this week bringing with him a very special visitor. Miss Petrie went to Outram School when she was a little girl and she will be 100 on December 11th. I wonder what Outram School was like 100 years ago. Mmm I wonder if we need to write some more letters!

Let's have a jam with the Guitar Club

We love to sing in Room 9 and last thing on a Wednesday afternoon we always sing with the Guitar Club. We are starting to sing Christmas songs. Keziah now knows how to play the first section of "Air", a little classical tune. Go Keziah, go!

Photographer: Abigail

Letter from our Flag Expert

Today we got a letter from Mr Larkin answering all our questions. Thank you so much! Did you know that Mr Larkin has 153 flags? We were pleased to hear that the Anderson's Bay seagulls don't make his flags dirty. If you have another question for Mr Larkin pop it on this post.

Getting ready for the rocket launch!

Today we had another session in the Workshop. First we painted our bottles ready for the rocket launch. After that we dyed the frames for our Malaysian tie dying art. Keep shining Room 9!

Back in the pool we go

We have started swimming again. We are so lucky at Outram School to have a covered swimming pool. It is very important for us to learn to swim.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Feet Feet Feet !!!

I got a bee-sting and it really hurt. I had to stay at home for 2 days. It was really weird because I had to have ice on my foot. It was really COLD!!! Mum and Dad were my slaves. I could watch T.V when ever I wanted to. It was really hot and itchy. I had to hop every-where. My leg that I had to hop on was really sore because I put all my weight on it. On Wednesday I had to walk on it. That was really sore. The next day I had to go to school. That was hard to get around a little bit. And on Monday the day I got stung, it was just past my knee.

Reporter: Camryn
Photographer: Keziah

Thursday, November 17, 2011

We have written to the best flag expert in Dunedin!

We have really enjoyed our flag challenges this year. Lately we have been asking questions about the flags and the Flag Expert. So, we decided to write and ask him our questions. We published our letters using our very, very best printing and then this evening the letters were delivered to him. We now know that he is called Mr Larkins and look he has put up a new flag challenge. Thank you Mr Larkins!

Sowing seeds and picking peas

Everyone was very busy planting seeds at Garden Club today. Now we will wait and see which seeds germinate first. We also found that peas straight out of a pod are delicious!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A play from the Penguins and Guitar Club

The Room 9 Little Theatre opened again with a short play, "The Sun and the North Wind." After an excellent performance the cast asked some very searching questions Well done! At lunchtime the Guitar Club met and we enjoyed our favourite songs. Then at the end of day we shared these songs with the class. We just love singing!

Photographers: Liam, Jackie and Jayden

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We love getting parcels from Josh's Dad

Today we got another parcel from Blenheim. Josh's dad sent us a box of fruit leather and a lovely letter with photos for Josh to share. We loved looking at all the planes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sewing and decorating our batik art

Today Vanessa, Jodi, Jo and Melanie came into Room 9 to help as Mrs Simpson showed us how to decorate our batik art. What wonderful mothers we have in Room 9. Thank you so much!

Friday, November 11, 2011


After lunch it poured with rain so we raced back to school to share our happy stories. Gosh, Abigail! How many mystery jars did you get?

What a happy day!

In the morning the weather was fine. We chose a table to sit around and left our bags there while we explored. I wonder what you got in your mystery jars?

We had entertainment as well!

What fun we had at the Pet Show! There were mystery jars to investigate and a bouncy castle to enjoy. Our very own Olivia entertained the crowd singing with her guitar and the Junior Choir sang two songs complete with solos and harmony. Finally our jump jam team performed. We are very proud of them because they were placed seventh in the South Island.

Outram School Pet Day

What fun we all had at Pet Day. All sorts of animals arrived - cats, dogs, birds, mice, fish, horses, sheep, calves, a kuni kuni pig, rabbits and even a tadpole. Do you think they enjoyed the day?