Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dave Warren and his team came visiting

We had a wonderful session with Dave Warren and his team from the University of Otago. We learnt about hydrogen, helium, ethanol, liquid nitrogen and we were shown some magnificent mixtures. I think we all want to be scientists when we grow up.

Marvelous Musicians!

Our Extra for Experts challenge this week was to make up a song for the class or for the school. The  songs were amazing  - great lyrics, great tunes and great performances. Well done everyone!

Making mixtures

This week we have been looking at mixtures. We popped corn and learned why it pops. Next we carefully examined sand, salt and jelly crystals and then we made up the jelly. We learnt about the protein in gelatin that makes the jelly set. It certainly tasted good!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pop up cards

The Penguins reading group had to carefully read a journal article about pop up cards. Then following the directions they made their own cards. well done girls!

Great performance Koalas reading group

The Koalas did a wonderful job presenting their play. We all enjoyed their well rehearsed performance. After the play, the actors told us how wonderful Olivia was as their leader. Well done children.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Newspapers in Education challenge

As part of our New Zealand Knowledge unit, we have been working through an NIE newspaper on this subject. Today we had a mapping challenge that proved to be quite a challenge. We could name most of the South Island towns and cities but New Plymouth, Palmerston North and Hamilton were tricky!

What a clever scientist!

Bridgette has been working at a number of challenges for her science badge. One of her challenges was to present a poster to an audience. Today Bridgette explained how the water cycle works to Mr Marshall and Room 9. We were all very proud of her wonderful presentation. Well done Bridgette!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hunter is a fine examples of perseverance and dedication

Hunter was the star during the challenge talk today.  Using incredible perseverance,  Hunter was able to swim a length at the Moana swimming pool. Mr Marshall presented him with a gold medal.  Well done Hunter!

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Borrowers came to Room 9 today

During our daily Feed and Read session we have been reading "The Borrowers," by Mary Norton. It is a wonderful story. This week our extra for experts challenge was to create a Borrower's house. This morning they came marching into the classroom. They were brilliant. At lunchtime there was a very busy Borrowers game in Room 9.

We laughed and laughed at the Room 9 Little Theatre today

When the Penguins reading group did a play everyone laughed and laughed because it was so so so funny. We had a lot of fun.

Reporter: Sam

Our Master Class artists

On Wednesday  Ezra and me do sketching Master Class.  I drew a hobbit hole and Ezra drew a thrush.

Reporter: Hamish

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thank you Emma and Tyla

Today Emma and Tyla organised a patter tennis training session with some lucky children from Room 9. It was a damp lunch time but these children had a very happy time indeed. Thank you!

Another great session in the Allen Centre

Today Mrs Steadman introduced us to the author Mary Pope Osborne.  She read several extracts from books in this series and everyone of the books was chosen as a home library book. Bella kept busy doing her librarian training.