Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sean Choolbura visits

We had a wonderful performance from Sean Choolbura where he shared Aboriginal dance and music. We laughed, clapped and made unusual noises. Reuben was chosen to take part in a drama and we were so proud of him. Thank you Sean for a great afternoon!

Well done Mitchell

For cricket I won a trophy and two certificates for bowler of the year and a trophy and a certificate for the most  wickets.

Reporter: Mitchell
Photographer: Mackenzie

Monday, March 30, 2015

Unbelievably we have managed to swim till the end of term

Every week this term we have had two sessions in the school pool and the improvement in the swimming is impressive. Today Group 3 was working at their breaststroke and their backstroke technique. We will have our last session on Wednesday so make sure everyone has their swimming togs.

Reuben's Remarkable Waka

I bought a waka to school on Monday. You need wood, wire, paper and staples. I showed it to the class and everyone thought it was really cool.

Reporter: Reuben

Look what Laura made!

I am doing a science badge and this is my first one that I showed Mr Marshall. It is a tractor wheel. I got this idea from my grandma's old cub book. This runs by a rubber band.

Reporter: Laura

Friday, March 27, 2015

New Dictionaries for the Year 4 Children

Today members of the Taieri and Mosgiel Rotary Clubs came to school to present beautiful dictionaries to the Year 4 children. Thank you, thank you Mrs Sutton, Mr Aitken and Mr Williams.

Extra for Experts

This week our "Exra for Experts'' optional homework activity was creating a poster for Outram School. We were very impressed with these easy to read colourful posters.

Back to the Allen Centre we go again!

After selecting our new books we enjoyed sharing with a buddy. Then Mrs Stedman talked to us about making good choices with our library books. It is important to choose a book that we can comfortably read. On the way out Liam gave us a close up look at his bones.

Farewell Mrs Carter

Today we farewelled Mrs Carter who has been showing us how to do a statistics investigation. We have all gathered data, displayed it on graphs and finally interpreted the results. Well done everyone.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sharing our research with the class

We are examining the inter-dependence between man and horse and we have started to present the group research to the class. Today's group told us about how important the horse has been on farms and it is still used today.

Look what I found!

When I was digging in the dump I found a bone. I think it is a seal's bone. I am going to go and see Mrs Stedman and we will talk about what it might be. What do you think it is?

Reporter: Liam

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Ghost Guns of Gallipoli

Mrs Stedman always has a surprise for us in the Allen Centre. Today we listened with great interest as we learnt about the ghost guns of Gallipoli. Of course Mrs Stedman had made a working model to show us how it worked. Some children have already started sketching their own models!

Inter-dependence between people and horses

This term we have been looking at inter-dependence. As the Otago Cavalcade approached we looked especially at the inter-dependence between the horse and people. This week we have completed a jigsaw activity looking at many examples of this such as pit ponies in coal mines, the police horse and the use of the horse in farming. Now each group will present their facts to the class.

Friday Tie Day and a song in assembly

Many of us wore ties or bow ties to raise money for Vanuatu. The ties looked terrific and the school raised over $300. Then during assembly the Middle Syndicate sang "Farewell to the gold." It was a good song to sing because the whole school had been finding out about the discovery of gold in Otago. It sounded brilliant Middle Syndicate.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Look what Austen found

I found   this   rock  in my   garden.   I    was    digging   in     the   ground. Suddenly I saw it sparkling and I knew I had found a treasure.

Reporter: Austen
Photographer: Mackenzie

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Great listening Big Buddies

We have Big Buddy Time with Room 5. We like to read books to them. They are good listeners. My sister is in Room 5 but she is not my Big Buddy. We have Big Buddy Time every week.

Reporter: Mac