Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don't forget your recorder!

Remember children that we are playing our recorders at assembly on August 8th. We will need our recorders and books every day at school. August 8th is a special day for Room 9. Can you tell me another very important event that is happening on this day? You can put your answer in the comments section below.

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to Room 9 children and their families. We are going to run this blog for a term to see how well it suits us. This is a place where we can post our work and news about our class. Sometimes children will put on work from the classroom and other times Mrs Wright will post entries. Parents and children can add their comments below each entry. We hope this will be a place where we can learn about each other and the wonderful things that are happening in Room 9. Remember we shine all the time!

At the moment we are learning how to find information about New Zealand. We are using various media.  Above you will see Cheyenne, Chase, Mitchell, Rylee and Toni doing a Google search on the school's pod of laptops. Have you got a question for us to research?