Thursday, November 29, 2012

Big Buddy time with Room 5

We love having time with our Big Buddies. Today we shared our reading books because it was too wet and cold to play a game outside.  Noah, Sam and Andrew read beautifully.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Make a plant pot

We were making some flower pots out of news paper for our sun flower seeds. All you have to have is a big piece of newspaper and a jar.  Then you fold the news paper on its side then you do that again. You have to roll the jar across with the news paper then you have to bring the jar up with holding the news paper.  Then you squash the paper down. Take out the jar and put the jar back into the pot. Then you push the jar down to flatten the paper. Now the soil won't come out. So thats how you make a plant pot.

Reporter: Demi

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Exploring the middin

Me  Demi  and  Edith  had  an  adventure  at  the  middin.  It  was  a  bit  hard  to  find  the  teeth.
Each  tooth  had  three  little  spikes  poking  out.  We  had enough  teeth  to  fill  a  jaw.  They
were  the  smallest  teeth  we  had  seen.

Reporter: Andrew

Monday, November 26, 2012

The sunflower seeds are germinating

The first sunflower seeds are poking up. I am sure they are enjoying their plant pot!  We all managed to get another layer on our papier mache plant holder today. What a sticky business!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A new flag for you, Room 9

Mmm . . Red, blue and yellow!  Can you discover which country flies this flag from their flag poles? I wonder if you have heard of this country.

The Junior Syndicate Fair

We have a Junior Syndicate Fair in two weeks.  It felt important to stay with our recycling theme but our paper pots are not strong enough to sell.  If we add glue they will be much stronger.  We carefully planned our designs and made a list of what we would need. It was a very messy process but we worked hard and now they are all drying over the weekend. We still need to do more layers.

Ethan had a birthday - yum!

Ethan brought along cupcakes to share with the class as part of his birthday celebrations. We loved the chocolate lego men on top. Happy birthday Ethan and thank you, thank you Tena and Gary.

Extra for Experts recycle cardboard

The challenge this week was to make something out of recycled cardboard. Gosh look at these experts. There was a cool convertible car, a cute chocolate shop, a dazzling Cinderella slipper, a tricky table, a friendly cat, clever cardboard letters and a collection of amazing electronics.

Oh oh!

The recycled cardboard name tags were great until they got wet. They all curled up! We looked around the room and found plastic lids to cut up. These will be much better name tags.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The seeds are planted!

Our plant pots are full of potting mix and there are two tiny sunflower seeds deep inside. Today we used recycled cardboard packets to make labels for our pots.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What can we do with waste paper?

Today we made plant pots out of old newspaper. It was quite tricky but finally everyone managed to make one. Now we need to add potting mix and sunflower seeds. Look at all these pots and they cost nothing!

Clever boys

Ted and Caleb did this 100 piece jigsaw puzzle.  Does it look amazing? We built it by ourselves.

Reporters: Caleb and Ted.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

How can we contribute to our community?

We decided to do a rubbish collection around the school. It was our way to contribute to our school especially as this is our current challenge.  We were amazed at the amount of rubbish we found! We sorted the rubbish and made some decisions. We will put all our food scraps in the compost bucket and empty it every day. Hopefully this will turn into wonderful compost.   The biggest pile was the plastic wrappers. We are going to take our plastic rubbish home in our lunch boxes. Now what about all the paper?

We had to give our hands a VERY good wash after the rubbish collecting!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paper, paper, paper!

Our Extra for Experts task this week was to create something new out of newspaper.  Look at these great creations. Well done children!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

9 + 8 = ? 7 x 5 = ? 13 - 6 = ?

Look at those pencils flying down the page. In Room 9 we are basic facts experts at both Stage 4 and Stage 5. These basic facts are so useful in our strategy work. Go Room 9 go!

Contributing to our community

Our challenge for the first five weeks of the term has been "Contributing to our Community." Today we used De Bono's thinking hats to think about our community. Tomorrow each group will report back.

Fireworks Art

On Friday Room 9 did some firework art. First we did some wonderful colours underneath the black paint.  Then we got a thin stick and broke the sharp end of the stick and then we did wonderful pictures. We had to scratch the pictures to make the colour come through. I love the colours.

Reporter: Meg

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hiwi the Kiwi

We had a wonderful concert when Hiwi the Kiwi arrived. We sang, we danced, we laughed and we learnt some very important rules for fishing. We are now all writing an exciting fishing story. There is a brand new fishing rod waiting for the best fishing story in the school. Gosh thank you Mr and Mrs Minstral

Monday, November 12, 2012

A new flag!

Aha! A new flag for you to investigate. Look carefully at this flag. It is not what you might think it is.

Junior Athletics Day

On Thursday we had our South Taieri Schools Athletic Sports. With the very cold and wet morning on Tuesday, what a great decision it was to postpone the sports day. We all enjoyed a beautiful sunny day and much dryer ground to sit on. The Junior Sports was for the morning only, and we enjoyed a very well run mixture of 7 events. The morning raced by with the children enjoying the events.

The photos featured are mostly the 7 year old boys due to my chief photographer being in this age group. It was pleasing to see that we all put our best effort in.

Well done Meg for getting 2nd in the long distance run for the 6 year old girls.
Congratulations Demi for being 3rd in the 40m sprint for the 7 year old girls.

We have 4 class members that competed in the 8 year old senior sports which went all day.
Ezra, Fynn, Edith and Olivia, had 6 events to compete in. Long jump, 60m, Discus, high jump, 75m and Shot Put. Not only did it sound like you had a great day, your score cards showed that you all had a very good points day too!

The agility poles - look at the technique as Harrison (middle) quickly makes his way around the poles.

Good on you Hunter, you always give your best and with a smile you made your way quickly around the poles :)

3 leaps - look at Ted's concentration (2nd in from right) as he hangs onto the ball and makes his leaps.

Wow look at the height Harrison (2nd in from the right) gets to in his leaps.

Go Caleb! We had to remember to only do three leaps and not move once we had.

What a great swing you had Andrew to push your body forward.

Vortex - look at it fly as we all have a warm up throw. Noah shows us how far his one can fly.

Caleb gets ready for his vortex throw. It is important to get your body in the right position and point to where you want the vortex to go. Great demonstration Caleb.

The 400m long distance run was challenging for some of the 7 year old boys. Great to see you all running and trying your best.

Harrison is determined to pass the Waihola boy in front - go Harrison.

Look at Jacob streaking off ahead trying to catch the group in front of him - and with a smile!

Push throw - ready set... look at the distance some of us managed to get!

Sprint 40m - Demi finishes her heat in the 7 year old girls - you will have to run again in the final race Demi. Great photo thank you Hunter chief photographer for the running events.
AWESOME running Demi... gosh you are fast-  2nd in year 7 girls well done.

Year 7 boys final race for the 40m sprints. Lots of Outram polos in this photo! Again great photo thanks Hunter.

Beach Flags - what a fun event this was, not only did we have to make sure that we all lined up with our fingers on the line, keeping down on the ground, we had to jump up as fast as we could to race to the batons at the end. Sometimes it came down to not just all going for the same baton at the same time!

Again look at the line up of the Outram shirts in the finals - GO Outram!