Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How delicious!

Yesterday Olivia read the story, "You can make a Happy Cake," in her guided reading session. Look what she walked into the classroom with this morning! We were all so impressed with Olivia and her family and it tasted delicious. Thank you!

Expert Henry

Henry brought a book to share with the class about life in the ocean. We were amazed at how much Henry knew. Thank you ocean expert!

Throwing and catching

We have been working hard at our throwing and catching. We had a competition to see which pair could get the most catches. Isaac, Abigail, Brooke and Lachlan were the winners with over 40 catches. Wow!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

At Rugby

We took a photograph of the seniors playing rugby. They were really moving fast down the field. I am playing under eights this year.

Reporter: Liam
Photographer: Dylan
Web master: Ben

Having fun!

Charlie and I are going down the bumpy slide having fun!

Reporter: Amity
Photographer: Olivia
Webmaster: Charlie

Monday, March 28, 2011

What have you been cooking Georgia?

Last week Georgia took home a book on Easter cooking from the library. Over the weekend she was busy cooking and look what she brought to school today. Yum!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Early morning at Outram School

Abigail is playing on the bridge. The sun is shining.

Reporter: Georgia
Photographer: Kylie
Web master: Abigail

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sketching Club

Thursday lunchtime is sketching club and Josh, Keziah, Camryn and Abigail were hard at work. What great results!

Happy in the Allen Centre

We were back in the Allen Centre today and there was so much happening. Brooke brought along some bones and was able to identify them with Charlie and Charlotte. Isaac, William and Lachlan put the body together and Amity knew her bones. Ben spent a long time checking out the books and felt very pleased with his choices. We love spending time here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An expert comes visiting

Today an expert health worker came to speak to us. Debbie had all sorts of activities arranged so we could learn about how the healthy body works. We used the drums to listen to a healthy heartbeat. Thank you Debbie.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wooden cotton reel tractors

When they were all ready, we had a competition to see which one was the fastest. Who can think of another event for our cotton reel tractors? We will continue the competition next week. Who has plans to change their tractor design?

Mmm... that seems to run smoothly now. I wonder if I need a longer lever.
Today we had our second input/ output challenge. We worked in pairs to make a cotton reel tractor. It was quite tricky to get the tractor to run smoothly.

First big sticker in their spelling folders

Today 8 children got their first big sticker in their spelling folder. This means they have had 5/5 five times with their weekly spelling. Well done children.

Small ball skills

Today we began learning how to throw and catch small balls. After a few throws we decided to pair/share and tell our partner what we liked about their throws and how they could improve their throwing.

Extra for Experts Challenge

This week our "Extra for Experts" task was to design our own paper plane. Today the pilots competed to see who could fly the longest, float the longest and hit a target. Lachlan was the champion closely followed by Dylan and Brooke.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Room 9 Little Theatre was open today

Today the Penguins reading group presented a play to the class called "The best fruit shop in town." Afterwards each member of the cast asked the class a prepared question. Great questions Penguins and great answers Room 9!

Using the harvest

It was a very busy session at Garden Club today. Tomatoes were cut in preparation for the tomato relish making and sweet corn was munched! Lettuce, courgettes, cucumbers and tomatoes were shared out at the end to take home. Yum!

Another busy session in the Allen Centre

Just before our library time Josh bumped his knee on his chair. When we got to the Allen Centre we could see that he had bumped his patella bone. Poor Josh! William was very busy with the human body while Amity checked out to see where her shells were stored. Ezra got close with the dinoscope while Henry happily read. We love the Allen Centre!

Photo of Josh: Kylie

Oh gosh! We are famous!

Two paintings from Room 9 are hanging in the foyer by the staff room. Kylie and Keziah's flower art looks terrific.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Look at those chords!

Abigail brought along her guitar to share with us. We always enjoy listening to Abigail sing so it was a special treat to have her guitar as well. What a musical class we have. Next Friday we start recorder classes so make sure you have your recorder at school.

The Outram School Junior Tiathlon

Today was the Junior Triathlon. It was so exciting. We had to swim, bike and run. Some of us fell over but we accepted the challenge and kept on keeping on. Wow Room 9 - you shine!

Monday, March 14, 2011

What connections can we find inside our bodies?

Today we started a jig saw activity. We worked in buzz groups to read about different parts of the body. Dylan's group is finding out about the lungs.

Connections in the sandpit

Charlotte, Amity and Jackie were busy at lunchtime making tunnels that could connect. Connections happen everywhere when you look for them.

Trail Blazer Henry

In the weekend Henry biked an amazing 30 km on the Rail Trail. What determination and perseverance! He kept going even though he got a few scratches and cuts. What a fine role model you are for our new school challenge - Accepting challenges and taking risks!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What do we do on wet lunchtimes

Wet day lunchtimes are always happy, busy times in Room 9. Keziah built a wonderful pattern board. Ezra decided to see how small he could make a paper plane. William, Lachlan and Isaac happily built with the lego while Ben and Dylan are still perfecting their paper plane designs. Input/ output boys!