Thursday, March 31, 2016

Still harvesting and swimming!

How remarkable to be still swimming and still harvesting at the end of March. Today we collected tomatoes and cucumbers and then went digging for potatoes and some huge parsnips. Then this afternoon we had our last session in the pool and we all enjoyed making a whirlpool. Next Tuesday we have our Middle Syndicate Swimming Carnival.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dan brought his ferret to school

I brought a ferret to school. We found it in Arrowtown on the road. When we got to our holiday house we put tin the freezer. When we got home we took it to the taxidermist and look at it now!

Reporter: Dan

Kurt shared his train with Dennis and Daniel

I brought my train to school to show the class. Dennis thought it was the same kind of train that they used to have at Outram.

Reporter: Kurt.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Today Cydney arrived with some delicious treats for everyone. They looked delicious. Then at the end of the day we all made little baskets and went home with enough little chocolate treats to share with our families.

Hooray, our pen pals have replied!

There was great excitement in Room 9 today as we shared our letters from our pen pals. They were full of interesting facts about their families and their school. We will answer all their questions when we reply next week.

What have I been learning?

Gosh what a lot I have learnt this week from all the other teachers that are here with me. Here is one lesson....

We took a piece of A4 paper and folded it into 4.

We had a pair of compass and a pencil and drew circles....

...and more circles...

....then we coloured them in...

So I am learning and having fun at the same time! See you soon...

Mrs Grace

Extra for Experts

For Extra for Experts we had to write good points or bad points about living on the Taieri. It was fun.

Reporter: Mya

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

More cricket with Felix

Hooray! Felix was back today for a second session of cricket coaching. After a warm up game we concentrated on our batting technique. We were then able to use our new skills when we played a game. Thanks Felix, you were great!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Where do teachers go to school?

Hello Room 9! This is the view I had from the aeroplane on Sunday night as I flew up to Hamilton.

How lovely to see the sun setting into the clouds...

This morning I went for a walk around Hamilton Lake and saw some beautiful pukekos with their chicks.

So this is where teachers go to school! This is one of the sculptures in the grounds of Waikato University.

Here I am with two of my new friends. It is lovely and warm up here in Hamilton. I will be here learning some new teachery things till Thursday and be back home to spend Easter with Joe and Evie Rose and Mr Grace. I will see you all next week and am looking forward to our next exciting school trip! See you soon Room 9, keep on shining.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Turning the clocks back

This week we have heard from past pupils of Outram School and what a lot we discovered. Today we needed to turn the clocks back with our model of Outram. We made little cottages, added a train and now we are searching for horses and carriages.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mya, her Dad and her Grandfather all went to Outram School

Mya, her Dad and her Grandfather all went to Outram School. We had so many questions for them and we studied their photos with great interest. We were surprised to hear about children being strapped long ago if they misbehaved. We were surprised at how much the school had changed. Thank you so much for coming Andrew and Dennis.

Still swimming and still harvesting

We are half way through March and we are still swimming and we are still harvesting vegetables from our gardens. Today we were clearing the corn patch and sowing a winter crop. Again there were bulging bags of vegetables to take home.

Learning to play the recorder

Here's a little tune to play...

play the notes a new way round...

You sound terrific Room 9, I hope we get to hear this in assembly some time.

Reporter: Mrs Grace

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


There was a hive of industry in Room 9 as Mrs Grace led us through our next measurement activities. We had to estimate and then accurately measure the capacity of different containers using teaspoons and cups. Well done everyone!