Monday, March 29, 2010

Ethan excels at haka

Erin and Gabby are experts with the poi

The Kapa Haka group came visiting

Today a Kapa Haka group came visiting Outram School. They sang to us and showed us how to use the poi. They even showed us how to do the haka. Erin, Gabby and Ethan went up on to the stage to demonstrate. They were brilliant.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So why does the kelp ball bounce Trampus?

Scientist Trampus looked at his kelp ball with the dinoscope. What makes it bounce so successfully? Trampus thinks the kelp must be full of air pockets that help it to bounce like a soccer ball does. A slither of kelp was put on a glass slide and again Trampus checked it out with the dinoscope. Can you see the blue glass and the air pockets in the kelp in the last picture. You are amazing Trampus! Keep on with your investigating. What will you think of next?

Shared reading with our Big Buddies

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scientist Sean and his bouncing eggs

Sean has decided to make his own bouncing eggs. He has three eggs soaking in vinegar. Don't forget to show us the eggs when they are ready to bounce Sean.

Another look at a coconut

We decided to open up Joe's coconut. First some of us tasted the coconut milk. Then Joe gave a few big whacks with a hammer. Inside we saw the white coconut flesh. Most people liked the taste of it. Thanks Joe for the coconut! Now we are writing personal recounts.

Still thinking about bouncing

Today Trampus brought something else that bounces to school. It was not an ordinary ball because it was made of kelp. Kelp is a type of sea weed and Trampus carved a ball out of it. Have you got a question for Trampus to answer about his ball?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Netball season has begun

Our Year Three girls were out training at lunchtime today. Emma and Erin are working at their ball skills. Watch the ball girls.

The ukuleles came marching two by two.....

Today Gene and Callum brought in their ukuleles to share. Both boys can now play a C chord. Gene's ukulele used to belong to his mother. Callum was given his when his grandparents went to Rarotonga. We could see that a coconut shell was used. We were glad we had Joe's coconut to compare it to.

Visitors in Room 9 today

Ella-Rose's Mum helps every week on a Wednesday. It is great having you with us Michelle. We also had Mr Aiken visiting us today. Mr Aiken was principal at Tomahawk School before it closed. He really enjoyed being at a country school.

That egg again

The Amazing Bouncing Egg
Excitedly we raced outside. Trent went to get Mr Carroll. Alex came too. Alex dropped the egg. It bounced. "Yay!" said Mrs Wright. "Do it again Alex," said Damien. "Do it higher this time." Alex dropped it. Splat went the egg!
By Tyla

The Bounce and Crack
We ran outside. Lots of people didn't show respect because they were all pushing to get outside to see the bouncing egg. We sat down in a circle. Mr Carroll came too because he didn't believe that the egg would bounce. Alex picked up the egg and... it bounced."Do it again Alex" said Mrs Wright. So Alex did it again and... SPLAAAAT! "That's the end of the egg," I said. We went back inside.
By Jessica

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Look at us shining!

Room 9 certainly likes to shine all the time! This term we have been thinking a lot about respect and what that means. We have thought about who we respect and why we respect them. We are learning how to respect each other in Room 9, in Outram School, in our homes and wherever we go.

What a surprise!

Today Ben brought his guitar along to share with us. We didn't even know that he was learning guitar. Already he knows heaps of chords like G, D, and A. We loved singing with you Ben.

Sharing with our learning partner

Before we do our writing we often share with our learning partner and ask each other wonder questions. I wonder what you are sharing Sean. Good listening Riley.

Look at those moving arms

Tyla spent time in the weekend learning how to draw moving people. We can see the elbows bending . Now can you make the legs bend too?

Saturday, March 20, 2010


We played a "Tahi, rua, toru, wha" game. On tahi, we opened our hand. On rua, we held up the thumb on our other hand. On toru, we placed our thumb downwards on our neighbour's hand. Finally on wha, we had to grab our neighbour's thumb while removing our own thumb before it could be caught. Celine, Willow and Rebecca were the champions.

Big Buddy time is great

Oh oh!

Bouncing eggs

We soaked an egg in vinegar until the shell dissolved. Then we rinsed the egg and left it overnight in water. This morning Trampus drained the water and we passed around the egg. Now we are ready to see if it will bounce. Watch the video to see what happened!

Ben's remarkable respect poster

Ben arrived at school on Friday with this respect poster that he had made. He especially left three of the shapes empty so that we could fill them together. Great work Ben!

A new Hawaiian friend

Hayley Ukulele has come all the way from Hawaii to live in Room 9. In Hawaiian, ukulele means "jumping flee." Why do you think this is so?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Aloha from Hawaii

Aloha to you all from Hawaii. Here I am standing on Waikiki beach. Can you see the rainbow? This is a beautiful island. Take care everyone.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Art and Music at Assembly

I reached for the camera during our performance and realised that I had used the batteries for the microphone! So, here is some of the art we shared. The self portraits were part of a study on movement. The imaginary bird art related to the Allen Centre Wiki challenges. We also sang with Tyla, Joe, Trampus and Kimberly singing fine solos. If you have any photos of our performance could you let me have a copy.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Room 9 Little theatre was in action again on Friday with the Koala's presentation. After a very fine performance the cast asked the audience some tricky questions to check their comprehension. Well done children!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Respect for our police officers

Our theme topic this term is "Reach for Respect." We were very sorry to hear that some police officers have been hurt while doing their duties. We have written respectful letters and hope that these will encourage them in their good work.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Balloon races in the Allen Centre

Trent read a great science book. We tried one of the experiments in the library. A blown up balloon is attached to a straw on a string. When it is released it zooms up the string like a jet engine. We even had races. Why not try this at home.

Look at Damien floating. Go Damien go!

Amazing progress is happening in the swimming pool as some children have extra swimming lessons with Mrs Bayne at lunchtime. Damien has learnt to float beautifully and is now working at his kick and his arm action.

Lunchtime in the sandpit

There is always a lot of activity in the sandpit. Today Jacob found a space to build roads for his cars. Jacob also builds great tunnels. Glad to see the sunhat Jacob.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Extra for Experts

Extra for experts this week focused on New Zealand knowledge. Well done experts!