Sunday, October 30, 2016

Water, oil and detergent

We combined oil and water and tried to mix it. The oil kept returning to the surface. We had many suggestions as to why this happened. We learnt that water is hydrophilic and oil is hydrophobic and moves away from water. We then added detergent and made an emulsion. Detergent is amphiphilic and is attracted to both water and oil. Kitchen chemistry is great fun!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Another Room 9 Rescue

Yesterday we found a bee on the ground. It crawled into the grass. Me and Claudia ran to the staff room to get honey. We ran back to the bee and it drank lots of the honey. We brought it to the class and we put it beside the ramp. It didn't  fly away and it fell off the bush and crawled into the grass and then flew away.

Reporter: Hannah

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our Little Garden seedlings are off on the next stage of their journey

Today 30 six pack punnets marched out of Room 9 to start a new life in 30 different gardens. We have watched these seedlings germinate and repotted them as they grew bigger. Finally we chose the seedlings we wanted and pricked them out into six packs. These were placed outside to harden off. Now they are at your homes children. Look after them carefully and email photos back to Room 9 showing how they are growing. Watch out for caterpillars and white butterflies!

What a wonderful contribution - thank you Bella

Spelling testing this week was on Thursday so we didn't have any parent testers. Suddenly, Bella was available and even managed to test six at a time. What a wonderful contribution you made to our class Bella. Thank you!

Well done Levi

On Sunday I was at the Mosgirl BMX Bike Club with Pyper.  We were racing on our bikes. I won four times and I felt really good. I also came second in a race. I go every Thursday.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pumpkin planting

In autumn we saved pumpkin seed and today we were able to plant our pumpkin seedlings out in the school gardens. We had to dig the soil, add compost and sheep pellets before we could plant the seedlings. We are going to watch and see how big they will grow.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friends and Pests in our Gardens

This week our Extra for Experts challenge was to identify friends and pests in the garden. This knowledge will be very helpful when we take home our Little Garden seedlings.

Kitchen Chemistry

As part of our inquiry into change, this term we are busy with kitchen chemistry experiments. On Friday we learnt how to do invisible writing using lemon juice. We then observed what happened when we added heat.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Complete or incomplete metamorphosis

As part of our inquiry work on change, today we had to sort insects and decide whether they had a complete metamorphosis or an  incomplete metamorphosis. There was a lot of discussion and every group was able to complete the task.

Spring gardening

There was plenty of useful industry at Garden Club this week. The carrots were weeded and beetroot seeds were planted. The tunnel house was prepared and tomatoes and cucumbers were planted. Finally we planted courgettes outside.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My walk around the school

I am writing my first blog post. I took the photos. Today at school we are building a cricket pitch and Room 4 are growing plants  like peas and lettuce.

Photographer: Will
Reporter: Will
Blog master: Will

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Room 9 to the rescue!

In class we had talked about how we can rescue honey bees and bumble bees when we find them struggling on the ground. Suddenly today, we had a chance to rescue a real bumble bee. We couldn't find any honey but there was jam in the staff room. As we watched we could see the bumble bee's tongue coming in and out. It was thrilling to be able to help this busy little bumble bee.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pricking out our Little Garden seedlings.

Our Little Garden seedlings have grown very successfully and on Friday we pricked out the seedlings so that everyone will be able to take six home. We carefully wrote down which seedlings we have chosen and now they are spending the weekend in the tunnel house getting used to being outside. We were very pleased that our friend Trevor was there to help.

Extra for experts

We always enjoy listening to efforts of the "Extra for Experts" children. This week we had to think of 5 different ways to travel by air, by water and by road. Then we had to think of ways that children travel. Ollie and Tim sent their results by email to the class.

Glorious stained glass windows

There was great industry in Room 9 as we used black paper and brightly coloured tissue paper to make stained glass windows. We worked hard at our designs and we all feel pleased with the results.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

My incredible coin collection

I have a coin collection. My Nana has had it for 45 years. I even have one with Mount Cook on it. I really like my coin collection.

Reporter: Lucas
Photographer: Mya

Maddie is a champion

In the holiday I did a gym competition. I was 4th out of everyone. I got a medal and I have five ribbons and 3 certificates.  I really liked my gym competition.

Reporter: Maddie
Photographer: Matilda