Sunday, September 26, 2010

A ballerina came visiting

Ella-Rose sat a ballet exam last week and we asked her to share her dancing with us. She danced beautifully. How does she remember all those different sequences? Thank you for dancing for us Ella-Rose.

Letters for the Prime Minister

At the end of our inquiry unit about life under the sea we wanted to take action. What could we do? The problems with the oceans are huge. Kimberly suggested we write to the Prime Minister. We talked and talked and talked and finally decided on two suggestions for the Prime Minister.
1) Put "Don't litter" advertisements on children's TV because children will take notice.
2) Have big fines for people who litter so that we protect our ocean creatures.

Jump Jam is jolly fun!

Friday, September 24, 2010

What a shame!

On Thursday 23 of September I fell over when we were doing P.E because I caught up to the first placer at the end line of the court. There was a slimy bit. It really hurt but I was brave.

By Riley D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Big Buddy Time

Every Wednesday we spend time with our Room 3 Big Buddies. Today we took our reading books over to share with them. They are great listeners. They are also good at making up questions to see if we have understood the text. Thanks Big Buddies!

Terrific Trampus shares his knowledge

Trampus enjoyed looking at the dinoscope and finding out about bones and cartilage in fish.

Ella-Rose explores

Yesterday we went to the Portobello Aquarium. I liked the touch tank and the anemone.
By Ella-Rose

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A great trip to the Aquarium

On a freezing spring day we drove all the way to Portobello Aquarium. We loved the touch tanks and we loved learning how to classify creatures into either mollusc, crustacean or echinoderm. It was great to be a scientist detective and find the mystery creature. Who is the first to remember what it was?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Flower Show Spring Art

Today our daffodil art came back from the Flower Show. The daffodils look terrific. Why not come and look because our art will make you smile.

Terrific T Ball

Today at lunch time me and Mrs Wright took some photos of the T ball players.Joel and Gabby had a home run. Nice work Gabby and Joel getting home run in T ball practice today. The coaches are Mr Carroll and Mr Bain.
By Trent
On Friday I brought my guinea pig called Starlight. I think it is two months old. I got it on Monday in March. We had another guinea pig called Starlightpatch but it died. I did not want it to die so that means we only have two guinea pigs.
By Kimberly

Thumper came to meet Room 9

On Thursday I brought my bunny named Thumper. He likes to bite people and scratch and kick. I got him for my birthday. We have another bunny that looks like a field rabbit and 1 guinea pig. My grandma gave him to me. I love him very much. My cousin Emit has a dog that is the same size as my bunny.
By Riley A.
Photographer: Mason

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Musical Extra for Experts

Our Extra for Experts challenge this week was to make up a song to the tune of Mary had a little lamb but we had to change the words so the song was about a seal. We loved singing these new songs.

And yet another visitor

Aaron, the captain of the San Aspiring boat came to talk to the Junior Syndicate today. His fishing boat sails over the rugged oceans south of New Zealand where they often meet ice and snow. They catch the huge tooth fish. We especially liked him because:
1) He is careful not to take too many fish.
2) His ship is also very careful about their rubbish.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

On no! Oh no!

Erin came running into Room 9 after school. On the way to after school care she found this rubbish in the playground and wondered what would happen if a bird tried to eat it. She quickly put it in the bin. Great thinking Erin.

Athletics season is here

Today we were out on the field practicing our sprint starts. Take your marks, get set, go! We thought about how we hold our body when we run and how we use our arms and legs. In the photos everyone is at the "get set" stage.

What a kind friend

Today Joel made a lovely card for Ben who will be away for the next two weeks. What a kind friend. Safe traveling Ben.

Oceans Alive came to visit

Today Nicki from Ocean's Alive came to talk to us about life under the sea. We talked about different creatures that live in the oceans and looked at interesting displays. Did you know that there are over 2000 suckers on a giant squids legs? We acted out a food chain and we even all tried to fit on to a whale's tail.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hard work on the farm for Sean

Today we looked at photos of Sean working hard on the farm. We saw him helping with the calves, collecting eggs and riding with James on the farm bike. What a great worker you are!

Visitors from Tairoa Head

Today we had visitors from Tairoa Head where the albatrosses gather. We learnt about what happens when our rubbish gets into the sea. It made us very sad. Did you know that it takes over 100 yeas for a plastic container to disappear in the sea?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spring at Outram

Kimberly is in a beautiful pink and white blossom tree. We don`t have all the sun at Outram because it is spring. It is a good shady place. It is really good to climb.

Photographer: Emma
Reporter and Web Masters: Sean and Emma

Monday, September 13, 2010

Syndicate Singing

Every Monday afternoon is Syndicate Time in Room 9. We sing, share news and choose syndicate stars for the week. Today Mrs Patterson taught us a great new song.

What a great contribution to the school

Our school wide challenge for the second half of the term is making a contribution to the school. Annalise and Tyla were spotted today picking up rubbish and helping to keep our school looking beautiful. Thank you girls - it really makes a difference.

Underwater scene

Ella-Rose made an underwater scene in a jar complete with rocks and homemade fish. What sort of fish are they Ella-Rose?

What do we know about life in the Icy Oceans?

We read heaps of books and then had an Icy Oceans quiz. We worked in groups and then reported back. We were surprised how much we knew.