Thursday, December 15, 2011

Farewell Mr Carroll

Today we had a very special final assembly when we farewelled Mr Carroll. The choir and the kapa haka group performed and there were speeches and presentations. Mr Carroll has been with us for five years and we wish him all the best on his next adventure. We were very proud of Charlie and Charlotte who sang solos.

Gosh thank you Mr Thomas!

Josh's Dad has sent us another box of fruit leather. We think they are delicious. Thank you very, very much. Keziah suggested we write thanks with the fruit leather packets. Can you read the letters Mr Thomas? We hope you have a very lovely Christmas.

What a treat!

This morning Mrs Horner brought her instruments in to share with us. She played the same tunes on a recorder, a clarinet and two different saxophones. They each sounded so different. I wonder if any Room 9 child will try another wind instrument. We think you are very clever Mrs Horner. Thank you so much for coming.

Leaving ceremony for the Year Three children

We had a special afternoon to farewell the Year Three children from the Junior Syndicate. Our parents joined us in the Allen Centre for a feast of entertainment. The Year Threes led our singing and each child gave a short speech. The guitar club performed and Room 9 recorders, complete with "Ode to Joy," played with enthusiasm. Olivia and William even played a recorder, guitar duo. What a great celebration of these marvelous students!

What a champion!

Josh has done it - he solved the "Drive ya nuts" puzzle. Lots of children have had a go, but only Josh succeeded. How did you do it Josh?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a busy day!

We started the day with the Year 3 children practicing their comments for the final Junior Syndicate assembly. We then went outside where it was cool to practice our recorder items for the assembly. We're still not sure if Ode to Joy is ready to be performed! Then at lunch time, singing happily, we walked down to the rugby field for our picnic. The weather was perfect, we had ice blocks and we even had races like the three-legged race. What a great day!

Monday, December 12, 2011

What are we making?

After lunch we started a strange project. We had to draw around our hands and then colour them green. After that we cut them out. What on earth were we making? We kept drawing more and more hands and Mrs Wright started to staple them on to the wall. Suddenly we could see that a Christmas tree was forming. When we added lights and tinsel it was perfect and we all burst into "We wish you a merry Christmas......"

Drive You Nuts!

We have a new puzzle in the classroom called "Drive You Nuts," and it really does drive you nuts! All the numbers on the cogs have to match up and it is very difficult. Abby and Georgia only had two more pieces to connect correctly. Can you complete the puzzle?

The Little Match Girl

This morning we were the first class to go into the Allen Centre to watch "The Little Match Girl." A group of children had worked in the Allen Centre to prepare this drama with Mrs Steadman and Mrs Horner. It was a sad, sad story but what a wonderful performance.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

And then it was time for the real rockets!

A group of senior students have made real rockets so we went out on to the field again to watch the launching. They were brilliant as they shot up into space and we watched in wonderment as a parachute appeared and floated gently back to school. We were so pleased that Jason was able to come to Room 9 and explain the rocket making to us. What a day!

The Great Rocket Launch

First thing in the morning the bottles were all lined up ready for their big day. Out on the field we decorated the bottles and filled them with water. On each bottle we stuck a photo of Mr Carroll because we were going to give him a great send off on his new adventure. Then each of us took our bottle to a rocket launcher and wheee off they zoomed!

What a colourful flag

Now here's a new flag for you to think about. Mmm... I think this country came to the Rugby World Cup. Can you guess which country this is? Thank you Mr Larkin for sharing your beautiful flags every day.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What clever children!

Yes you can see this great big hen on the way to Oamaru. In fact it is at Waianakarua. If you are driving north these holidays look out for this friendly hen!

It's Rocket Launch day tomorrow!

Today we were adding the finishing touches to our rockets. Tomorrow we are having a huge rocket launch. Thank you Jayden and Liam for helping with the building.

We're making something and we can't tell you what it is...not yet!

There was a hive of industry in Room 9 this morning. Pasta and glue disappeared rapidly as we worked on our secret projects. You will find out more later!

Christmas art Fun

Today we were at the Art Gallery. It was a lot of fun. We had to draw a Christmas tree. We all did it a new way. After we drew our tree we had to put dye around the out-side. Then we cut out some presents and we got a cut out star. Next we got lots of help from the adults and then we stuck on some glitter. Finally we put on some plastic ornaments and we chose a person or an animal to put on the side. We had a lot of fun.

Reporter: Camryn

First we went into the Art Gallery

What a wonderful trip we had to the Art Gallery yesterday! Mr Neumegen led us around some of the galleries sharing the techniques of different artists. We even played Christmas carols on hand bells. Which part of the Art Gallery did you enjoy the most?