Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's the hockey season again

Today we were out on the field practicing our dribbling technique for hockey. We learnt the correct hand positions and we also learnt where to place the ball when dribbling. Great concentrating Middle Syndicate!

Landscape Art Part 2

We were back in the Workshop today continuing with our landscapes. We started by adding clouds and painting the distant hills. We then added closer hills in the foreground. They are looking great!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Walnut harvest

For the last few weeks the children have been collecting walnuts from the school trees. They are beautiful, big walnuts this year and they taste delicious. Today the Year 3 children put the walnuts in bags ready to be sold after assembly on Friday. Altogether there were 46 bags.

Wednesday Guitar Club

Every Wednesday lunchtime the Middle Syndicate Guitar Club meets in Room 8. Today some of our advanced players came to help and later they showed us their finger picking. Keep practicing your A chord and E7 chord and remember to press hard.

Photographer: Brylee

Nest building at lunch time

I made a mini nest with seeds, hay with straw and the eggs were seeds.

Reporter: Hailey

Wet lunch times!

Yesterday  we made a long tower and it was half a metre long. Reuben, Mitchell, Emilee and Isaac
made it.

Reporter: Isaac
Photographers: Liam Br, Isaac

Monday, May 11, 2015

Observations of a burning candle

Today we all watched a candle burn and made observations. We had to really concentrate and notice any changes. It was especially interesting seeing what happened to the wick.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day treat

Today we made a little treat for our mothers. We decorated the outside, did some tricky folding and gluing and finally popped a treat inside. Don't forget to keep it hidden till Sunday!

Mrs Dineen comes to visit

Today Mrs Dineen came to visit and she told us the story of Simpson and his donkey at Gallipoli. It was so interesting and we had heaps of questions to ask. At the end of the session Mrs Dineen taught us some French phrases and made sure our pronunciation was correct. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mrs Dineen!

A new flag for New Zealand?

The "Extra for Experts" homework activity is an optional extra but this week many children chose to do it. The task was to correctly colour the New Zealand flag and answer questions such as what do the four stars represent? After this the children were able to design their own flags. They were brilliant!

It's Autumn!

Me, Isaac and Angus made a huge pile of leaves at lunch time. There were leaves everywhere. The leaves come from the walnut trees.

Reporter: Emilee

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Landscape painting Part 1

Today Mrs Simpson came and shared her landscape painting with us. We then went outside to look at nearby landscapes noticing that trees in the distance seem to be much smaller. When we moved into the Workshop, we drew sketches of our own landscapes. Finally we painted the background of our landscape. Next week we will add all the details such as trees and fences.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Kiwi Golf

Today we were delighted to see a sparkling blue sky day because this was our Kiwi Golf day. We started the session using flags so that we could learn the correct swing. We then moved on to using a golf club with three different sized balls. Melanie our tutor, was very impressed with the Room 9 concentration, perseverance and skill.