Saturday, June 30, 2012

The last day of term

We had a special Junior Syndicate time so that the certificates for poem reciting could be given out. Fynn, Edith, Demi and Andrew received their certificates and Sam will get hers next term. Demi received another certificate at assembly for winning the Year 2 cross country race. Well done! Finally the Room 9 Bird Cafe had queues of birds waiting to feast on the remains of Room 8's shared lunch. Have a happy holiday time everyone!

Now follow me guys and I'll show you how to do it.

The Penguins reading group independently read the instructions and then made these folded flowers. The next task was to teach their classmates how to do it. The Penguins were wonderful teachers giving clear instructions and encouraging their pupils. Well done!

Co-operating beautifully before school

Lily, Caleb and Noah worked happily before school to complete this jig saw puzzle. It was quite tricky and they needed to persevere until it was finished. Well done!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Exciting cross country ... reporter Hunter

I interviewed Olivia before and after the cross country.

Before; "I'm a bit nervous. I am aiming to be third but I need to beat Lily because she bet me last year.

After; "I got 4th again! I was proud and I will try again next year to be 3rd. Georgia bet me".

By Hunter

Fun day for Meg

I interviewed Meg before and after the cross country.

Before; "I've got butterflies in my tummy and I'm quite excited. I think I'm going to go pretty good and get second or third. Demi may beat me.

After; "I got 3rd!!! I felt really happy :). It was cold but I got warmer. I loved running through the mud".

Reporter at work.. A freezing cross country day

After Paton ran the cross country, I asked him how he felt. "I felt sick and it was really cold and I didn't like it".
Paton got so cold that my Granny had to give him her jacket. His socks and shoes were soaking wet. He was happy when it was home time!

The cross country - reporter Hunter

I interviewed Andrew before the cross country and again after.

Before; "I'm really excited. I'm going to get third. I am going to try and beat Finn, Nick and Rylan. Last year I came fourth. I'm looking forward to coming third or second."

After; "I didn't like going through the mud at all. I got 5th and I was proud. It was a little cold, but it was good" said Andrew.

"Amazing Andrew, you made it look easy".

By Hunter

Hard at work

Last   Tuesday   it    was    cross   country.    I  was    training    for    cross    country.     This    year's   track   is  long   because  I   am   a   year   3.     We   have   to   run  around the whole rodeo grounds. I got 5th so I will go to the Taieri Beach for the finals.

Reporter: Fynn  

Look what I found in Room 9

When I got to school on the coldest wintry day I saw a beautiful tete-a-tete daffodil. Isn't beautiful!

Reporter: Meg

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Taieri College Band came visiting

Today the Taieri College Band came visiting. What a treat it was listening to their original songs and watching their great guitar technique. Afterwards the school Kapa haka group performed for them. Gosh, I can see some shining stars from Room 9!

Concertina booklets

We have completed our group work on "Wild Weather" and today we worked hard to publish our information. We worked hard. Next step is to present our projects to the other groups.

Following instructions

Today the Penguins reading group had to independently read "Fold a flower" from their junior journal. They then had to make the flower by following the instructions. It was tricky but everyone was successful. Tomorrow they are going to teach the rest of the class.

Lucky, lucky me!

I went to jazz on Tuesday. It was the finals. We arrived in to the freezing cold hall. We sat down and watched the other dancers dance .Tony was first. She did her dance then Mrs McGlinchy called out for me to do my dance. I was great. Then it was medal time. Look you can see my medal. Lucky me!

Reporter: Demi

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A chilly cross country race day

We were ready for the cross country races today. Our year 2 boys had a fine race and were followed by the year 2 girls. Well done Demi getting first place. Then it was time for the Year 3 boys followed by the Year 3 girls. It was a freezing day but we were lucky that we ran our races before the rain!

So puffed!

At the cross country I lost my shoe in the mud when I was going round to the cow paddock. It was hard work and it was very cold.

Reporter: Noah

Monday, June 25, 2012

We had another busy session in reading today. How many flag detectives were able to identify our mystery flag today? It looks as if Olivia is on the trail. We all enjoyed medial vowels bingo with Fynn's Mum and we loved the play that the Penguins reading group presented.

Flying Fairies

On Thursday I brought along some fairies.They are tricky to paint. I named them Shima, Shine, Diamond and Crystal. Shima is a rose fairy.Shine is a blossom fairy, Diamond is a sunflower fairy and Crystal is a tulip fairy. I love my fairies.

Reporter: Olivia

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday report for Ted

 When it is our birthday we get a school report so on Friday it was Ted's turn to receive his report from Mr Marshall. Keep up the good work Ted! We are very pleased with you.

Another flag for the flag detectives

Look at this great flag. Who can tell me which country it belongs too? Now here is another question for you weather experts - why is the flag facing in that direction.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We love Bill Peet stories

We try to have a new Bill Peet story every day and we love them. Which is your favourite story?

Gosh this was quite tricky

Fynn and Caleb began on the place value elephants in maths today and it was really difficult. However with some extra help the task was soon finished. Great team work everyone. I wonder if we could have a challenge to see who can finish the puzzle on their own.

The King of sticks

I  thought  I  could  make  a  stick  hut.  But  when  I  picked  up  two  sticks  one  looked  like  a  hand  and  one  looked  like  a  leg.  So  I  thought  I would make  a  stick  man.  But  I  have  all  ready  found  another  hand and a foot. I have also found a body so now I can make my stick man. Perhaps I'll bring it along to school to show everyone.

Reporter: Andrew

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clever Me

Yesterday I went to jazz to do dancing competition. I am really good at it. People were watching the people who were doing the competition. We all got a badge. There was a lady called Mrs McGlinchy  at a table with a sheet over the table doing the judging . It was my turn to do my dancing. It was called dig a tunnel from the Lion king . I got a badge too. Clever me!

Reporter: Sam

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

Today we started to think about the extremes in the weather. Each group has a different topic and each group began today with a shared reading session. By Friday we will be ready to share our new knowledge with each other. Mmm ... hurricanes, tornadoes, thunder and lightning!