Friday, September 28, 2012

Clown day

What a great way to finish off the term with a clown day. Don't we all look great! The children all had mimes and jokes along with our juggling to preform... I won't give too much away as we maybe able to show off a few at next terms assembly.

Clown masks

For art we have designed, made a draft plan then transferred our plans onto the paper plates. don't they look great... can you guess who I am?

Cows with bells and huge caterpillars

Greetings Room 9 friends
Today as we walked along we suddenly heard a whole lot of bells ringing. As we got closer we saw a field of cows and each one had a bell around it's neck. How many bells would you need Fynn? I wonder if the bells give the cows a headache ringing every time they move their heads.  We also saw huge bees and woolly caterpillars.

We went to the supermarket thinking we could buy a tin of tomato soup and there was no tinned soup. It is very challenging shopping for food because all the labels are in spanish so we have to look closely at the tin or packet.

The blackberries still taste wonderful, so do the figs and grapes and apples that grow by the track. I have seen a Templar castle and a Saracen castle. Spain is a very old country. People have been walking this track for over a thousand years!  Soon it will be your holidays. Have fun and take care and welcome Charlie.

Love from Mrs Wright

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Earthquake drill

Yesterday was the nation shake up drill.

Use these 3 instructions;
it could save your life.
By Noah


We each have made 2 juggling balls and are learning to juggle. Harrison has learnt that you can't throw the ball too high. Kerah learnt that you have to throw the balls at different times so you can catch them...where did that other ball go? Look at Demi go - well done you have mastered this... maybe we can go onto three balls?!

Talent quest

Last Thursday we had our school talent quest. We have a few hidden talents in room 9.
Well done Olivia, Edith (and Emma room 10) on a great performance of London bridge which placed them second in the junior school. Demi, (Kylie,Bella and Annie room 8 & 10) were all very talented in their "moves like jagger" - this performance won them first place for the junior school. Well done girls.

Welcome Charlotte

On Monday Charlotte has joined us in room 9. Welcome Charlotte we hope you are very happy at Outram school and I am sure that the rest of the school have made you feel as welcome as our lovely children in room 9. You have settled in really well and I am sure that when Mrs Wright gets back she will be delighted to teach you Charlotte :).

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It´s raining, it´s pouring and pouring and pouring

Dear Room 9
We have reached Ponferrada which means we have walked about 170km. It is still a long way to go and it has been raining and raining and raining. We slept last night in a little auberge (pilgrim´s hostel ) way up high in the mountains. There was mist swirling around,  wild cats and kittens and little goats reaching up to nibble fruit off the trees - remember it is autumn, - and we had dinner and slept beautifully.

This morning we climbed up to the highest point on the camino  and then as the rain began to pour and pour we headed down off the mountain and were very pleased to find a little cafe where we could have cafe con leche - milk coffee and a bocadillo - a long fresh bread roll with an omelette inside. Yum!  We walked on and on and on and finally came to Ponferrado. There is an ancient castle here that I want to explore.

I loved your questions but the money has run out on this computer. It is much better than using my iphone.

Take care everyone
Love from Mrs Wright x x x

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Juggling with scarves - video

Olivia demonstrated beautifully how to juggle with the two scarves. Well done Olivia.

learning to juggle... with scarves

We started off learning to juggle with scarves. Getting the hand action and throwing the scarves up at different times and catching in the other hand is a lot harder than you think! Meg is starting off with one to see that she has the timing right. Kerah has moved onto two and it is taking great concentration to try and catch both of the scarves. Ted has also moved onto two and look at him go.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Writing recount of "how to make juggling balls"

We all had to challenge our memories and recall what we saw... the board was turned over so we couldn't see how many steps there were! Well done children on very clear instructions and great pictures of the steps. Edith did a fantastic job talking us through her steps.

How to make juggling balls

We are learning about clowns and things that they do. Mrs Osborne gave us the instructions and demonstrated step by step how to make them. We then watched Syardhana and Jacob see if they could follow the steps and how tricky some of the steps are! Great team work guys.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The rain in Spain does not fall on the plains!

Dear Room 9 friends
I am lying on my bunk feeling very tired. every day after our walk we feel exhausted and then after a rest we are ready to start again.

Great questions everyone. Yes it was bumpy on the plane and yes Evie your flight bags were great. It took about 30 hours to get to Spain.

It is much warmer in Spain and it is autumn so everywhere leaves are turning golden colours.

on the track I have been nibbling black berries, grapes, plums and apples. I saw a really intetesting frog one day but it might have been a toad. I am learning to speak spanish and say hola - hello to everyone I meet. Most nights we are staying at places where hardly anyone speaks english. I have met people from Chile, BraZIL . . .

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hi from Singapore

Dear Room 9 friends
We have a four hour wait at Changi Airport in Singapore. It is now 11.15pm and it feels as if we have been flying forever!!!!  We got off the plane and the heat was amazing. Next we fly to Paris and hopefully it will be easy to sleep. I loved looking at your blog posts Belinda - what an expert! Ask me questions children. I'll check in again soon.

Take care
Love from Mrs Wright x x x

Arabic food

What a great way to travel around the world without leaving room 9. Not only did we learn to write in Arabic, we had a taste of what their food is like. Humus on crackers was a big hit with everyone, however the dates turned out to be an acquired taste. Olivia thought they were yummy she said.. her face may tell a different story! Lily stuck with the humus as she thought the dates weren't nice. Noah said the dates were nice. What a great idea Mrs Wright. We wish you well as you actually do get to travel - enjoy the walk and we look forward to hearing all about it when you are back.

Arabic writing lesson

On Friday we all enjoyed our Arabic writing lesson. It took great concentration and attention to detail. Look at Kerah and Andrew (top) Syardhana (middle) and Ethan. Good effort room 9. It was interesting and we enjoyed the challenge.

Gymnastics experts

Look at how far we have all come with our gymnastics in the last couple of weeks. We can all cross the beam with confidence - a great example Jacob, a lovely straight body, eyes up and arms out. If you look at the top photo you will see us doing our forward rolls, skipping and hula hooping. Our hula hoop skills are amazing, look at Sam go! Hunter is doing a great job at keeping the small ring going around his arm. The forward rolls straight onto the box has been a challenge, well done Andrew showing us her how it is done.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A skype call with Qatar

Today Bridget and Scott woke up very early so that they could skype with us at 2.30pm. It was about 5.30am for them. It was so good chatting with them  and asking yet more questions. Bridget even took her laptop out on to her balcony so that we could look at Doha, the city where they live in Qatar. She said it was a cool 28 degree morning!  Thank you so much Bridget and Scott.

Garden Club

Spring is a busy time in the garden and it was certainly a busy time for the Garden Club today. What a good thing Rylan was there to show these boys how to spread the compost. We couldn't believe how many worms there were in the soil.

Arabic writing

Today Mrs Stedman showed us how to do arabic writing. What a beautiful alphabet!  Now it is our turn to have a go! We will use special pens.

What fun we had!

Today Zabonga visited Outram School and shared one brilliant story after another. Many children and several teachers were called upon to help with the story telling. Each of the patches on his quilt was a story and we heard four. We all wished we could have stayed there all day!

Let's unpack a daffodil

Last week we gently pulled a daffodil apart. Today we took a slice out of the seed box and used the dinolite to examine it carefully. Look what we found.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making a Zen garden

What a wonderful time the children have at Japanese Club. Today the children decorated the boxes and made the tools before creating a wonderful garden. Fynn enjoyed sharing his garden with Room 9 when he returned.

Sounds good Guitar Club

Today we held Guitar Club in the Workshop because it was a wet day. Our chord changes are getting faster and faster. Well done everyone.

Look what happened today!

We have been sending emails to our Swiss penpal Madeleine. Today we did a photo study of winter conditions in Switzerland. Today in the middle of our study we looked outside and saw thick snow falling and when Belinda came in she was covered in snow. That was good timing wasn't it!