Friday, February 27, 2015

Our carnivorous plants are back

The venus flytraps have spend the summer outside. They have been munching happily on daddy longlegs and small flies. I think they prefer outside living to our classroom. Do you think we should give them outside time every day?

Extra for experts horse and carriages become part of the Room 9 Cavalcade

Hailey has a collection

Last year in the holiday I got a shell collection. I was far away at the bottom of New Zealand. My favourite one is the flat shell. It is beautiful.

Reporter: Hailey

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Harvesting vegetables at Garden Club

There was a lot of activity at Garden Club today. Potatoes were dug, corn was picked, courgettes were pulled and tomatoes were collected. There was plenty for everyone to take home a bag of fresh vegetables. Yum!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

First session with our Big Buddies

Today we met with Room 5 and everyone was given a Big Buddy. We will meet together every Tuesday for 20 minutes just before lunch. Sometimes we will learn a new summer game and  sometimes we will share our reading books. Today we had a chat and then sang an old favourite song.

We have two new fish

We have got fish in Room 9 again. Last year Boris and Bubbles died and then several more fish died! We will see if we can have more success with these fish. Can anyone give us advice on caring for fish? We also need to name our fish. Any ideas?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Our first session in the Allen Centre this year

It was with joy that we walked into the Allen Centre today. Our class librarians, Hannah and Briar shared their current reading with us. After this Mrs Stedman showed us how to make a paper poppy. We are hoping to make 241 poppies to remember the 241 soldiers from Dunedin that died at Gallipoli. It made us all feel very thoughtful as we chose our books and curled up to have a read.

Extra for Experts

Today Liam, Mia and Lily shared their "Extra for experts" with the class. Liam talked about the problems the yellow eyed penguins are having in the Catlins. Mia shared about her family reunion and Lily talked about the Otago Cavalcade. Well done children!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Let's work together

Our "Let's work together," art is finished although we have kept a space for Ashley for when she returns to school. The colours and designs are terrific. Well done everyone!

Railway Tracks

There was time at the end of the day for a quick session with train tracks. We started the year giving a handicap to the Year 3 teams but no longer! Today the Year 3 boys raced to victory! Great co-operation and teamwork boys.

Look at us!

In the holidays I saw Mrs Wright and me  and Angus were at school doing barspins and tail whips and no handed and jumps. We were really careful not to crash. But I bumped into the hedge a few days later and got a huge bruise on my thigh. You have to be careful when you do tricks on bikes and we don't do tricks on the road!

Reporters: Angus and Liam B

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Amazing things can happen when we co-operate and work as a team!

Today we each had a quarter of a circle to decorate with pastel. We talked about how we all need to work together as a team to make Room 9 a safe and happy place. Our completed circles looked amazing. Why not come in and have a look at them?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hartley has a birthday

My birthday was on Thursday.  I got a slot car set, a go-cart and a Hobbit game.  Kerry made me a yummy chocolate cake and all of Room 9 had a piece.

Reporter: Hartley

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Room 9 2015

What a fine class of children! We were very pleased to welcome Anita today and hope that her ankle heals very quickly.

My new experience!

I came to visit today. Last Wednesday I was so excited to visit the new trampoline park 'Leap'. Sadly during the fun time a big boy forgot to wait for me to get off one of the trampolines and he jumped on landing on my ankle. It hurt, pain that I had never felt before. I was off to the hospital. Hospital was a whole new experience for me. Needles in my arm, X-rays, special medicine to make me fall asleep and a big hard plaster and then an operation. I felt scared and afraid some of the time. My ankle was badly broken in two places. I want to come back to school but I have to be very careful.

Reporter: Anita

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Our class contract

Our class contract is complete and today we each agreed to keep to this contract in Room 9. Everyone decorated a big tick and stuck it on to the class contract. This will help to keep our classroom happy and safe.

We love our school swimming pool

We are really pleased that we have a swimming pool at our school. Today we had our first swim and everyone showed great determination. These children are working at their leg technique.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tell me about your holidays!

There was plenty of talking in Room 9 this morning as we shared our holiday experiences with each other. There will be some great holiday recounts to listen to soon.