Thursday, February 28, 2013

What a surprise we got!

During maths Ethan suddenly noticed that the first butterfly had emerged from it's chrysalis. It was beautiful. During lunch time we gently released it. We watched as it rose into the air and settled on a nearby tree. What a perfect warm day to start life as a butterfly!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Look at me!

Today I had my last swimming lesson with Kerry. Now I can swim and sit on the bottom. I can even kneel on the bottom. Here I am floating on my back. It was very fun learning to swim.

Reporter: Jacob

Monday, February 25, 2013

More co-operation challenges

Today we took part in the last two co-operation challenges. The first was to keep a balloon up in the air with a small group of children. It was quite easy. The last challenge was a tug of war. Oh dear the rope broke!

The big race

On Thursday we had a special triathlon. I jumped off my bike and ran like the All Blacks. Every one cheered me on. My Dad told me if Lachlan was catching up. I saw the finish line.  "I won I won," I shouted. I felt as if I would collapse.

Reporter: Ezra

Sunday, February 24, 2013

First Explorer of the World Challenege

Mrs Steadman has set us a new challenge. We are exploring texture. Look at these busy explorers. What on earth will we do next!

Paper spills revisited

We had a second attempt at making paper spills and the results were much better. We had a long brainstorm deciding what we will build. We have now decided on a house with lots of interesting features. Keep watching!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Middle School Triathlon 21 Feb 2013

Yesterday we had our middle school Triathlon. We all gathered nervously on the tennis courts to wait for the instructions.
The 6 years old teams went first. We really shone in room 9 and Regan (swim & run) and Seth(biker) came in first for the 6 year old team. 
7 year old teams - Gabbie (Swim) and Annie (bike & run) came 2nd.
7 year old girls, 1st Demi, 2nd Meg.
7 year old boys, 2nd Rylan.
8 year old teams -2nd was Harrison (swim), Fynn (run) and Ted (bike).
3rd was Sam (swim), Syardhana (bike) and Olivia (run).
8 year old girls, 1st Jaime
8 year old boys, 1st Ezra
Well done to all the children. It was a fun and tiring event. Thank you to the lovely seniors that stayed behind from swimming to help us and the wonderful parents that came along and helped mark the track out and show us what way to go. It was quite confusing as we all went at different times and sometimes we wondered if we were going the right way as others ran or biked towards us.

A recount from Demi;
"I felt nervous as I ran like a rocket to the pool. I dived in and did breast stroke and I was in front the whole time! Pulling myself out of the pool my legs felt like jelly as I started to run to my bike. Very quickly I put on my shoes and helmet. Jumping on my bike, it was hard to get my legs going. The bike ride whizzed by. I threw my bike to the ground and took off my helmet as I was running. I felt like I didn't have any legs while I was running. I was happy to hear the people cheering as I raced across the finish line 1st!".
                            Demi coming up to the finish line... Demi was 1st in the 7 year old girls.

                                                    Cameron nearing the end of his bike part.

Rylan (below) was nervous as he waited for his race.
" I tried to swim as fast as I could, jumping out of the pool my legs just started running to my bike. Slipping on my shoes and strapping on my helmet, I was lucky to have my Dad helping and he found my bike for me. The biking went by quickly, but my legs were tired when I started running... I just wanted to be finished. At last I could hear the cheering and see the finish line. I finished 2nd for the 7 year old boys and I was so proud of myself"

                                               The 8 year old girls take off heading to the pool.

                                         Bella nears the end of the biking. Now onto the running part!

                                      Jaime right out front for the 8 year old girls, finishing 1st.

                                   Mary feeling tired but pleased that the biking is nearly over.

                                Hamish showing perseverance as he nears the end of the triathlon.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A flag for Room 9 from Mr Larkin

Every day Mr Larkin flies a new flag. We have had a lot of fun discovering where the flags come from. Last night Mr Larkin was talking to me on the phone and he asked me which flag I would like to have. You should all be able to name this flag that is waving especially for Room 9 at Outram School. Thank you Mr Larkin!

In the weekend two of the room 9 caterpillars went in to their chrysalis. It was great to see them move on.  I hope they will turn into a butterfly when we come back on Monday.

Reporter: Olivia

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Triathlon fun

Tomorrow we have the Middle Syndicate Triathlon.

First we are doing swimming at the triathlon. The 6 year old kids are doing one length of the pool and the 7 and 8s are doing two lengths of the pool.

Next we are doing biking. We are going to remember to have our shoes and helmet when we are riding our bike.

Last we are doing running. We have to run the tricky track.

Photographer; Bella
Web master; Rylan
Reporter; Sam

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Making big money

Splendid Spills

In the weekend mum and I made some spills for our groups house that we are making out of newspaper. Our group is Olivia, Syardhana, Sam and me. It has been very easy but I don't think it will stay that way. I am really loving doing this subject.

Reporter: Bridgette

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fabulous Flower Show Art

Our art work was taken to the Flower Show and displayed on the walls for all to see. What superb fish!  The judges have made their decisions. Why not come into Room 9 and see our pictures.

An Allen Centre Challenge

On Thursday Mrs Steadman showed us how to make spills. These spill can be used to build with. We now have a challenge to build a structure taller than ourselves with a moving part. Today we began to make spills and it was a real challenge! I wonder what we will make.

Yum - Garden Club

There was another great harvest at Garden Club this week. Mary was part of a team  picking tomatoes in the tunnel house. Afterwards we divided up all the vegetables to take home. Yum!

Crazy Caterpillars

Today the two biggest caterpillars went crawling all over the place to make their  chrysalis.  How strange!

Reporter: Demi

Caterpillars in Room 9

In Room 9 we have 4 caterpillars. One is almost in a cocoon 3 others are tiny.We are not allowed to touch them.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dancing dominoes

Mary and Lucia made a wonderful 9 out of dominos. It was very hard at first but it soon got easer. Mrs Wright took a photo of us and I was very proud.

Reporter: Mary