Friday, June 28, 2013

Explorer of the World

Mrs Stedman set us a challenge to create something beautiful out of our school waste paper. Ezra and Fynn collected the paper from the recycled paper bin by the photocopier. We then got busy ripping and arranging the paper. We all created something beautiful!

String games experts

Our "Extra for Experts" task this week was to either make up a new string game or research and learn a new game to share. Look how many children arrived with a game to share!

Flax weaving.

Today I found some flax and I wove it into a weadwacker, a rope, a torch and a few others.

Reporter: Hamish

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A new Explorer of the World challenge

We were back in the Allen Centre today and Mrs Stedman had another challenge for us. "Everything is interesting,'" we were told and our challenge is to create a beautiful picture out of discarded paper. We will have to search through our paper recycling box before we start work tomorrow!

Jump Rope

Today we had our Jump Rope Challenge to raise money for the Heart Foundation. For the last few weeks we have been hard at work practicing our skills and today the skipping was brilliant. When we started many children could not skip but today it was amazing watching these clever children. I wonder how much money we have raised?

First thing this morning!

First thing this morning, Olivia bounced into the classroom with this wonderful string game. Gosh, I hope it is not too hard to learn. Then Bridgette arrived with her beautiful Maori girl that she had made with her Mum. What a great team!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Knet here we come!

On Friday Mr Marshall came into Room 9 to show us how to use a learning journal on our home page. Hamish had produced an excellent homework task and Mr Marshall scanned his work and added it to Hamish's learning journal. Then Hamish invited Ezra to make a comment and of course Ezra was delighted to do so.

We went visiting on Friday!

We went visiting other classrooms on Friday. First we were invited to Room 6 to listen to their marimba playing. We thought they were terrific. Then it was Big Buddy time in Room 5. It was fun sharing our string games with them.

Snow at Outram School

What a surprise to find snow at Outram School on Friday. Even though it was freezing, lots of children went to play!

Photographer: Edith

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Speech night!

Meg,  Edith,  Hamish and Ezra did a great job representing Room 9 at the Outram School Speech Night. We were very proud of you. Well done!

Look closely, and see what you can discover?

Today we had some beautiful big pictures of traditional Maori life. Our task was to look closely and try to discover something that no one else had seen. We also wrote down any questions we thought of. When we shared our findings, it was amazing what we found.

String games? Easy peasy!

Every morning this week children have arrived with new string games. We all stand around sharing our latest discoveries before the bell. What a nice way to start the day!

Starting to sound rather splendid!

The recorders were out again today. Keep practicing those notes children and remember if at first you don't succeed try and try again. We are ready for a new piece of music.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Final practice before Speech Night

This afternoon during Syndicate Time the speech finalists presented their speeches. We were all impressed. Remember to speak clearly and to speak loud enough!

Letters from our pen pals!

Our pen pal letters from Morrinsville have arrived. There was great excitement in Room 9 as we opened the parcel and shared out the letters. The letters were read and shared and read again. Thank you Morrinsville friends.

Wet and cold lunchtimes

Thirty children in a small classroom at lunch time on a wet day could be noisy and chaotic but not so in Room 9. Everyone is able to keep busy and happy. Meg was sharing her string games  while Sam ate her lunch after kapa haka. Seth was busy on an i pad, Cameron was drawing and Olivia and Andrew were playing draughts. At the back of the room was a huge lego construction site.