Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Technology Challenge

We all know how to make a circuit but what can we do with this new knowledge? After talking, we decided to make 3D structures that could house a circuit. Today we made our plans and now we are collecting boxes, cardboard rolls etc for construction day on Friday.

Mmmm that looks like an interesting blog!

Camryn and Henry were busy writing comments on the blog this afternoon. It is always interesting to read comments from other people. Today we got a lot of comments from
Room 6. Can you find these comments and answer their questions?

What a tiny class!

We have had eight children away with flu since Monday so we have had a very small class. Today we wrote letters for Fathers' Day and we will publish these tomorrow. Room 9 fathers really are loved!

Spring is springing into Room 9

Spring flowers came marching into Room 9 this morning. Our big buddy Georgia brought daffodils and camellias and Charlie brought daffodils. Gosh thank you girls. What is spring like at your place?

Go Liam, go!

Liam has loved working with circuits. He was pleased to show his Dad how clever he is. He brought extra leads from home and made more circuits for us to enjoy. What an expert!

Monday, August 29, 2011

What a surprise!

Today a wonderful parcel arrived for Room 9. Josh's Dad had sent an amazing book about Meow Meow the cat, especially written for Room 9 and starring Josh. Wow! Also there were delicious fruit leathers for the whole class. What a great way to start the week. THANK YOU!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What an expert!

Today Mr Brookland came to visit Room 9. He gave a wonderful talk about the water cycle and how electricity gets to our homes. It was so interesting. Finally he demonstrated his circuit board showing the lights, the horn and the fan. It was brilliant Mr Brookland!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Penguins present a play

The Room 9 Little Theatre is very busy at the moment. Today the Penguins presented a play called "Mother for Sale." There were some very tricky questions to answer after the performance.

Phographer: Charlotte

Plenty of reading for us

We love going to the Allen Centre to chose our new books. So many of us are reading chapter books now. What are you reading now?

We are learning chess moves

Today in the Allen Centre we learnt some new chess moves. We discovered that a castle can move forwards, backwards or left or right. A bishop however can move diagonally on the board. Nearly time to get the chess ladder ready.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Too many mangoes

gitlsThe Koalas presented their play, "Too many mangoes," to the class today. The acting was brilliant and the questions that they asked the audience afterwards were very challenging. Well done girls.

Photographer: Liam

Stars on Stage

Today we were able to see the Outram School Stars on Stage production. We thought it was brilliant. Well done Senior Syndicate. We hope it all goes well on Thursday night.

A new flag!

What an interesting flag I spied this morning. Where does this flag come from? Who will be the first to identify it?

My generator

My grandad made a generator. You turn the handle and the light will go on. It is very special. My grandad made it because he is an electrician. Grande gave me it. Grandad is good at building too.

Web master: Georgia
Reporter: Georgia
Photographer: Jackie

Friday, August 19, 2011

Now we know how to make a switch

Today we worked in pairs to make a switch for our circuits. It was tricky and we helped each other. When the switch is on, there's a complete circuit for the electricity to flow around so the bulb will shine.When the switch is off, there's a break in the circuit so the electricity can't flow and the bulb won't shine.

Let's make connections

Here we are in front of the theme table.It has the light's on .We all have a big smile on our face.

Webmaster: Abby
Photographer: Emma
Reporter: Georgia

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wet Winter lunch times

Wet lunch times in Room 9 are always happy times. Today Charlotte and Amity were enjoying their new library books while they ate their lunch. In another part of the classroom Camryn was teaching Josh, Henry and Dylan how to play chess. We are going to have a chess ladder. Mmm I wonder where we can get a ladder from.

Player of the Year for the first time

My dad was the coach and Isaac's Dad. I am happy that I was the player of the year. I must be really good!

Reporter: Lachlan

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A new visitor checks out the Room 9 Bird cafe

Mmmm can you name this bird that was checking out our bird table this morning? What could we feed this bird?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

SNOW !!!!

What is the snow like at your place? We have had rain, hail, snow, thunder and lightning! What will come next?

Friday, August 12, 2011

A close up of our art work

Here are some of the prints we made of things that shine - Christmas tree lights, a bike light, a candle and a lighthouse. You can see that we spray painted the block silver or gold. Why not come along to room 9 and see all the prints?

Room 9 shines at assembly

Today we demonstrated to the school how a circuit works. You can see that we placed a spoon into the circuit and the light still shone because the spoon is a conductor. When we placed a metre ruler into the circuit the light would not turn on because the ruler is an insulator. We also showed our prints of things that have a light in them. Finally we sang and Olivia accompanied us with her guitar.

Friday afternoon sharing

What fine sharing we had today. Emma shared a lovely birthday card from her grandparents while William amazed us all with his recorder playing. Olivia made guitar playing look easy and Brooke and Keziah showed us the finger picking they are learning at guitar club. What a lot of talent there is in Room 9.

Photographers: Isaac, Keziah, Josh W, Abby