Friday, October 31, 2014

What can you make from a 2L milk container

Our Extra for Experts task this week was to make something useful out of a 2L milk container. A marvelous collection came marching into the classroom this morning - a handbag, a water gauge, a money box, a pooper scooper, a watering can and even a toy ferry.

Room 9 shine and present their assembly item

It was our turn to present an assembly item so we began with three ukelele songs that we have learnt. We then told our wonderful Little Blue Penguin story sharing how Room 9 and Room 10 organised a sponsored run to raise money for plants to camouflage the nesting boxes at Brighton Beach. Amazingly, we raised $2061.20 and we were delighted to present this to Dave McPhee of the Big Rock Little Blue Penguins group. Dave then shared some of his work with us. What a wonderful story!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Alas poor Boris! We will miss you.

Today one of our goldfish died. Boris has lived in Room 9 for seven school terms which according to the pet shop owner is a good result for a class goldfish. A group of Boris's friends from last year and this year, gathered to farewell him. Rest in peace Boris!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Anna came to visit

Anna from the Dunedin City Council came to visit and share a "Waste minimisation workshop" with us. Room 9 and 10 listened with great interest as she shared ways that we could reduce our rubbish. We would love to try and make the velcro lunch bags to reduce the number of plastic packaging in our class rubbish bin.

A new flag for you

Here's a new flag for you. I wonder if you can tell me which country flies this flag. New Zealand has sporting contacts with this country.

We have grown seeds

In autumn we collected seeds from our gardens and in spring we sowed a collection of them. Now we have a tiny pine tree, an apple tree, a walnut that is busy sprouting and of course easy ones like sunflower seeds and runner bean seeds. Today we moved the sunflowers out into the school gardens and of course we will keep looking after them.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Today at lunch time

Today at lunch time Fletcher and William were learning new ukelele chords in the Allen Centre. Brylee, Anita and Aynsley were busy unloading soil with the Garden Club and Laura and Stella joined Ava in the wood chip playground. There is always something to do at Outram School.

Discus training

This afternoon we had another training session for the athletics sports. We worked at our high jump, long jump and discus skills. You can see some brilliant discus action taking place.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Room 9 Little Theatre was open again today

The Spring season of the Room 9 Little Theatre began with the Lion's reading group presenting "Tricky Jack Rabbit." We laughed and laughed and then had to think deeply to answer the questions that the actors asked us. Well done children!

We counted the money!

It was an important day today in our "Penguin Story." Room 10 joined us in Room 9 and we were all excited. How much money had we raised? First of all we looked through the big book to remind ourselves of the journey we had been on. We then made some estimates as to how much we had raised. Then the money was shared between four containers and the children were divided into four groups. The four groups worked in separate teams and the money was counted until we had the total -


When we recounted the total changed slightly but we all felt so, so proud. What a great effort! Mmm what next?

Enough four leaf clovers for everyone!

I brought 17 four leaf clover and 1 five leaf clover to school. I found them all on Sunday. I once found 4 four leaf clovers in 34 seconds.

Reporter: Gabby

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A new class photo

We were really pleased to pose for a new class photo so that both Brylee and William could be included. Room 9 look how you shine!

Still looking at rubbish

Today we sorted through our rubbish bin again and chose a few items. We took these outside and we have buried them

What do we throw in our class rubbish bin?

We emptied out our class rubbish bin and sorted the contents. We were amazed at how many plastic wrappers and packets there were.  On the side of some of the plastics packets it said, "Dispose of thoughtfully." We graphed the results and talked about how much rubbish we make every week.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

What was happening at lunchtime today?

It's great to be sitting outside for lunch again but we do need to remember our sunhats. There was plenty of activity in the playground today. A group of Year 3/4 children busily worked at their touch skills while Aynsley and Brylee were busy weeding with the Garden Club. Anita and Stellar worked hard at their stilt walking while Rosa, Gabby and Olivia were playing a very imaginative game escaping from cruel owners. Finally Mac and Ben were busy with sandpit constructions.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's time for a new flag

It's been a long time since we last had a new flag on the blog. Look carefully at the design and see if you can name this country. You might also be able to tell us something about this country.

I've been to Stewart Island

In the  holidays I went to Stewart Island.I caught 5 sharks and 2 fish. I saw lots of kakas.

Reporter: Luke

Monday, October 13, 2014

Is this a good piece of writing?

We worked in pairs to highlight the features of a recount that we liked. When we came together to share we all agreed that it was a good piece of writing. We liked the dialogue at the start and the use of descriptive verbs and simile. The writer had also made good use of his senses and even managed an adverb. Now it's our turn to share a "moment in time."

Welcome, welcome, welcome William

We were so pleased to welcome William to Room 9 and he has certainly shone all day. We hope you have a very happy time at Outram School William.