Thursday, May 28, 2009

Room 9 Are Clever Writers!

We have been very busy writing down what we each like about the autumn season. There were so many different things we like such as seeing the leaves fall of the trees, sitting by the fire and having our electric blankets on to warm up our beds!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cross Country News

Just to let you know that the school cross country will now be held on 3rd June. This is to give the paddocks time to dry out so we have safe and pleasant conditions to run in!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fantastic Buddy Time!

We had a great time with our buddy class this morning! We shared our writing and some of our buddies even helped us to come up with some wonderful words to use in our acrostic poems!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Red squirrels, baby storks and cuckoos

Dear Room 9

We start walking every morning at about 6.30 when it is cool and there are not too many people on the track. This morning I saw a baby stork flap it´s wings and lean over to look down at me from it´s huge nest. I said, ¨Hola,¨ because it is a spanish stork. Further down the track two red squirrels darted across in front of us. They stopped to look at us and say, ¨Hola¨ and then darted away with their long tails stretched out behind them. Then I heard the cuckoos who call out to us every morning. It is never dull on the track. I am now in Najera and it is very very very hot. My blisters are better but my legs are very tired today!!
Take care
Mrs Wright

Sunday, May 17, 2009

School in Spain

In the north of Spain the children start school at 9.00am like we do, but at 1.00pm everyone goes home for lunch and a big rest called siesta. At 3.00pm everyone comes back to school until 5.00pm and then it is hometime. I´m glad Outram School doesn´t use this system. In the afternoon nearly all the shops and businesses are closed for siesta and then everything opens up again at 5.00pm or 6.00pm. Yesterday we arrived in Los Artos for the night feeling very tired and hungry but we had to wait until 6.00pm to do our shopping. When we go into the shops nobody understands us so I draw pictures. Many people have never heard of New Zealand! Can you imagine that! Take care Room 9.
Love from Mrs Wright

Friday, May 15, 2009

We Are Very Hard Workers in Room 9!

This week we have started our inquiry unit which is based on animals, particularly those that live in the Arctic and Antarctic. We have been busy noting down what we know already about animals and where different animals come from. We have also been writing about Autumn and what we each like about it. 
We have also been very busy  training for our school cross country which is on the 27th May at the Rodeo grounds. We are all turning into super sand speedy runners, and certainly showing our values of perseverance and dedication!
Next week we will be able to show you our finished Autumn publishing. We are looking forward to furthering our knowledge in our inquiry and we are also going to turn into super poets!

Hola from Estella

Greetings my Room 9 friends.
Today we walked about 22km which was quite easy except for the two big blisters on the sole of my feet. They are getting better and I now know so much about blisters. All the other pilgrims on the trail have their own methods of treating them only trouble is that it is very hard to understand them. I have met people from - Norway, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Israel, Colombia, Utah - USA, England, Korea, Japan, Ireland.... and everyone knows how to fix blisters!
Last night I saw a stalk sitting on a huge nest on top of a chimney. I also heard the loudest thunder I have ever heard and the lightning was continuous. Today I saw more sheep with bells aroung their necks. I saw farmers planting but I am not sure whether it was strawberry plants or perhaps asparagus. Remember it is spring here and I am typing at 3.45pm and you are all asleep. I went into a church today that was built in the 1100´s. That is so long ago.
And I have certainly not been eating any more snails! But today I saw a man collecting them from plants along the trail!!!!!!!!!
Keep shining Room 9
Love from Mrs Wright

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hola Room 9

Hello dear friends we are now in Spain. I have a new postcard for you but I can´t find anywhere to post it! We had a great time in Paris. The best thing for me was hiring bicycles and biking through the Paris woods - beautiful in Spring!! And believe it or not I ate a snail! Mr Wright ordered them for dinner and I ate one. What did it taste like you are wondering. Probably like a little piece of steak. I swallowed it very quickly.

Yesterday we hopped on the TGV ( the very very fast train - go on line to find out about it) and then got on a little mountain train to climb up to St Jean Pied de Port. Today we climbed over the Pyrennes into Spain and at the moment every muscle in my legs is aching. As we crossed the rain fell, the wind buffeted us without mercy and there was snow on the mountains. It took 7 hours and we only walked 25km so you can imagine how steep it was! I have never done such a hard tramp. Tonight we are sleeping in an ancient hall with welcome swallows flying in and out. All the people on the tramp share the same building. There is room for about 125 people on the bunk beds. I will let you know later what the snoring sounded like!
While walking today I saw eagles flying way up above me. I also saw a worm that measured two of my shoes and there were huge black snails but the shells were tiny so they looked like great big black slugs. They were about the size of my hand!!
Tomorrow we only have 25km to walk and it doesn´t look so steep. I hope my legs will work.
Much love Mrs Wright xxxx

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello, bonjour, hola

My very dear Room 9 friends, finally it is my turn to sit down at a computer. I am in an internet cafe near our apartment in Vinciennes which is a suburb of Paris. I am using a keyboard with a french layout of the letters so I am going very slowly. There are some interesting letters I could use such as è ç à € ù. Yesterday we climbed half way up the Eiffel Tower. My legs were like jelly when we got to the viewing platform but the view was superb. We travel everywhere in Paris by the underground Metro. I love the feeling of whizzing through the dark tunnels and then arriving at the next stop. Sometimes it is so so crowded that it feels like a tin of sardines. It is a huge huge city and we have to carry a map with us all the time. Tonight my son Nick arrives with his fiancè. We are going to meet them at one of the railway stations and then find our way back to Vinciennes being careful not to get lost. We got lost on our first trip from the apartment and it was very scary. We had had a lovely excursion but when we arrived back at our metro station we couldn't remember where to go and we didn't know our address. We had the key but there was no adress on it and noone could understand our french! SCARY SCARY! I was very pleased when we finally sat down in our apartment. Hopefully we won't get lost tonight. We are meeting them at 10.15pm and we haven't been on the metro at night so it could be interesting. On Saturday we take the TGV train to Spain. It is very very fast. Then we begin our 20 day tramp about 300km across the north of Spain. I am having an amazing adventure. Write a comment on this post and tell me how you are then I can reply to you. Take care. Look after Mrs. Cormack. Keep shining; xxx

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcome Back!

Term 2 already! We are very busy in Room 9 already! We have been learning about ways in which we can keep ourselves healthy at home and at school. We know that it is very important to wash our hands, sneeze and cough into our elbows and keep warm in the cold weather. Our next topic is "Animals can only live where they can live, eat and breed" We are really looking forward to this!

Around The World With Mrs Wright

Mrs Wright is on a fabulous overseas trip at the moment. Room 9 are really excited every time they receive a postcard from her. So far she has sent us postcards from Dunedin, Hong Kong, Rome, Venice and Switzerland. We are having lots of fun looking at the map and finding out where Mrs Wright has been. We are busy wondering where she will go next!

Even Animals Love Our School Work

Mrs Cormack took some of our special work home with her and discovered her cat, Libby, sitting in our spelling folder box. Libby liked our work so much she was very reluctant to get out! Libby stayed in the box for quite a while so Mrs Cormack took a photo of her.