Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Splendid Spring Art

Today we had another session in the Workshop preparing our Flower Show art. We began by sketching daffodils making sure we looked very carefully at the flowers. We then used different shades of green and yellow. Finally we used blue and purple dye. Come to the Flower Show to see them. They look great.

Monday, August 30, 2010

You've Got The Power Show

This afternoon we had a wonderful show in the hall. We watched magic tricks but we also learned how to treat one another and make our school a safe place for everyone. Tell us which parts of the show you enjoyed the most.


I wonder why there are always heaps of worms on our courts after rain. They were everywhere at lunchtime and they are so interesting to watch and hold. What do you know about worms? Can you help us? Don't forget to wash your hands!

Oh gosh look at Erin!

Erin just loves to skip and skip and skip. How many skips can you do in a row Erin?

We are still skipping!

Everyone is still enjoying skipping n the playground. The long rope has been fun today. Look how high the girls are jumping. Does anyone know any good skipping rhymes?

A new ukulele player

Already Joe knows three chords and we were able to sing along with him today. Can you write a comment Joe and tell us the name of your ukulele. Clever Joe is learning both the guitar and the ukulele. Which one is easier Joe?

Have you lost a bone?

In the weekend, George found this bone and he is wondering what part of an animal it comes from and which animal that might be. Can you help him?

A treat for the birds

It was cold and wet this morning so we were pleased to give the birds a new late winter treat to nibble at. By mid morning all the wax eyes in Outram seemed to be flocking to our bird table. Creep up very quietly and do a bird count. Who can count the most birds at one time?

Lovely Mrs Beath

Here is lovely Mrs Beath the helper if we get hurt.If we for get to do the absents and buses she will come over and remind us.

Reporter Willow
photographer Ethan
web master Kimberly

Friday, August 27, 2010

This morning the Koalas reading group presented their play. Afterwards Ethan modeled some good writing for us. We loved his proof reading. We also enjoyed making a circle of mouse adjectives. Great work Ethan.

What an Expert you are Joe

This week our extra for experts task was to make 3D creature from the coral reef. Joe brought this wonderful crab which has sat happily on our theme table without scuttling for cover. What an expert!

Another visitor came calling this morning

Joel brought his mouse, Cadbury Chocolate Button, to visit Room 9 this morning. Joel gave a very interesting talk and we asked him heaps of questions. Buttons loved crawling up Joel's sleeve? Why do you think that was so?

Ben becomes an author

Yesterday Mr Carroll sent a comment to Ben wondering if he was related to Bill Peet. Well today Ben arrived with five stories that he had written for the class. He read one to the class and then enjoyed watching his stories being read. Ben you are brilliant!

Early morning visitor

Every Friday morning we have spelling testing. Everyone has their own words and we need parent help to do all the testing. What a surprise for us to have Tyla's cousin as one of our testers. Thank you so much for helping us.

Today at 9

Musician: Ben
Announcer: Tyla
Panel: Gene, George, Erin

The Brilliant Outram Bulldogs

Today we played netball against the adults. It was hard. We were all sad. It was a tie! We went into the hall to get our certificates. Then we had yummy food.

Reporters: Emma and Annalise

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ella-Rose is an artist

On Wednesday at the library I found a drawing book called "How to draw wild horses." I have drawn four of them.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Willow reads about Willow

Willow was very pleased to find "Willow the Wednesday Fairy" in the library today especially as it was Wednesday! Could you write a comment for us Willow telling us about the book?

Making Music

Every Wednesday lunchtime we have a guitar club in Room 9. Today we worked hard at the D chord and the A7 chord. We are nearly ready to give a concert.

Lots of teeth are falling out!

When you are six, seven and eight, teeth get wriggly and fall out. Sean was very excited this morning when he showed us his brand new gap. Ethan and George are very happy that their gaps are disappearing and their new teeth are appearing.

What a great brother you are Kody!

We loved seeing you Kody, listening to Joel read his story this morning. What a great brother you are!

Look at that skipping

The skipping in Room 9 has improved enormously. Some children look as if they could skip for ever.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Huge Harold

Mrs Wright read us "Huge Harold" today. I loved it a lot because Harold was so so big. It was exciting when Harold won the race.

Story writer: Ben Peat
Photographer: Ben Peat

The Room 9 Chat Show

Announcer: Gabby
Chat team: Kimberly, Riley A, Trent
Musician: Ella-Rose

What a great Buddy

This morning before school Riley A listened to Joel reading his story "Beach House." Great reading Joel. Great listening Riley.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dictionary Skills Detectives

When Trent finished his persuasive writing today he checked the dictionary to see if he had spelt "television" correctly. He had! What an awesome speller Trent and thanks for helping George.

Persuasive Writing

We have begun learning about persuasive writing. We have written about whether we should own dogs or not. Today we wrote about whether we should go to bed when we are told or not! Room 9 was very quiet with two groups working independently. The other group was having a teacher session on different sentence starters. Looks good Ethan.

Chatting about the weekend

Willow likes Bill Peat

I think "The Gnats of Knotty Pine" is cool because they have a meeting where they all gather up and they all share their ideas and vote who's idea is the best. They want to be safe from the hunters. You will be surprised who helps them.

By Willow

And yet another Bill Peat - he is so great!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ben becomes an expert

Plenty of theme books from home.

Every day new books arrive from home on our ocean theme. Thank you Joe, Ethan, Tyla, Jacob and Mason.

What a lot we learnt

On Friday, Room 10 and Room 8 joined us to watch "Hard Hat Harry and the Pearls of Wisdom." It was a great film. Write a comment and tell us what you found out from the film.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bill Peat what a treat!

We are reading Bill Peat stories in Room 9. Listen to Tyla telling us about the Kweeks of Kokatumdee. We have just had a comment from Carol at Springston School saying she loves Bill Peat stories too and she hasn't read this one. She is wondering what Bill Peat is trying to teach us with this story. Can you help Carol children?

Spring is here

The sun is shining brightly and it is getting hotter. Sniff, sniff the best daffodil smell.

Photographer: Trampus
Reporter: Emma
Web Master: Riley A

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A play from the Koalas

On Friday the Koalas reading group presented their play about the Hare and the Tortoise. We retold this story in writing not long ago. How many differences did you find children?

Please be careful everyone

We had to be especially careful with Willow's diorama because there were parts that could break. The good news is that nothing got broken.

The dioramas came marching in today hoorah, hoorah!

On Friday we looked at all the dioramas that the Extra for Experts had made. It was good to have a close look and to ask some wondering questions. Mason had a big crowd wanting to look at his diorama and use his torch. Do you still have a question to ask Mason? Well done everyone.

Friday, August 13, 2010

What a shame!

My cat Stitch got run over on the road last night. Dad found it up on the road in the ditch. I feel sad because it is dead.

Eli another Bill Peat story

Yesterday Mrs Wright read us Eli . I thought it was funny . Eli was a drowsy old Lion .He only got bones to eat . One day a vulture got caught by the wing . Eli helped it . Later the vultures were able to help Eli.

Story teller: George

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our very own narrative writer

This morning, George arrived with a brand new narrative that he had written. We all enjoyed listening to your story George. Are you going to be like Bill Peat and write lots of stories?

Interesting questions

This morning Trent brought in some creatures that live in the ocean. Are they all fish Trent? Erin brought her penguin to meet us. Why could a penguin and a polar bear never meet?

More expert dioramas today!

Today more wonderful dioramas arrived into Room 9. Tyla, Ben and Joe shared them with us. Come and see them in Room 9 where we always shine.