Monday, October 31, 2011

Have you seen this before?

In the weekend I drove past this amazing hedge. Has anyone else ever seen it and can you name the town where you could find it?

Time for sun hats everyone!

Term 4 means sun hats on everyone! Whenever we are outside at school we should have our sun hats on. You can get sunburnt even on a cloudy day. Let's look after our skin!

Letters from Linnea

We all loved having Emma's cousin Linnea to stay after the Christchurch earthquake. She quickly became part of the Room 9 family. Well, what a surprise we all had when we came back to school after the holidays. Linnea had written a special letter to everyone in the class. Wow! Thank you, thank you Linnea!

What would we do without you?

In Room 9 everyone has their own spelling words that they learn carefully during the week. Every Friday a wonderful team of parents come in to test the spelling. You can see Team 1 doing a great job testing last Friday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We have won the Rugby World Cup!

Some of our parents were unable to be at our assembly item on Friday so today we recorded our very special song for you. We loved learning this song!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spring planting

Josh T and Georgia were busy at the Garden Club today. Josh was planting tomatoes in the tunnel house while Georgia was planting cabbages out in the raised beds. Did we remember to water them?

It's great to get back into the Allen Centre after the holidays

The Allen Centre is always a busy place. Chess is still very popular. Are you on the chess ladder? Emma was having trouble finding a book. "Hold on," said Kylie. "I know just the book for you." Let us know how you enjoy those books Emma. We also tried hard not to disturb Olivia!

We have been asked to explain railway tracks

First you line up in 2 lines then say GO. The leader runs off and count 5 steps. Then they lie down on the ground. Everyone then follows over and the next leader runs 5 steps and then lies down. Again everyone follows over and a new leader will lie down. It is a race to seer which team will get to the end first. We hope this helps you Mrs Wilson.

Reporter: Charlie

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sharing from the Guitar Club

Our numbers at Guitar Club were low today because the Jump Jam team was practicing and the Kapa haka group was also meeting. However we all had a sing together and then Amity showed us how fast she could play 'A'Soaling.' Brooke demonstrated how to pluck and Keziah played a short classical piece for us. It all sounded great!

Photographer: Liam

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Railway tracks!

Today after we had practiced our sprint starts we had a railways track race, boys against the girls. It was very close. Go William, go! Go girls go! Don't forget to keep your heads down children.

Back to school we go

We all raced into the classroom this morning full of Rugby World Cup news. Jackie even decorated her tee shirt as part of her celebration. Today we started our letters to the All Blacks and we are preparing a brand new Rugby World Cup song for assembly on Friday!

Thursday, October 20, 2011 here's a flag that wasn't in the Rugby World Cup

We all know the Rugby World Cup flags but here is a new one for you. Check it out flag experts!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Garden Club is up and running again

We worked hard today clearing silver beet and lettuce and spinach from the gardens and then we planted potatoes. The strawberries are already planted and the peas are in flower. What a wonderful place to grow vegetables.

Hooray the stocktake is over!

Today was our first chance to borrow books after the stocktake in the Allen Centre. Oh it was so good to go home with fresh library books in our schoolbags. Happy holiday reading everyone!

A Dance Extravaganza

We had seen signs of a performance - fantastic outfits, earnest groups of children planning their movements - and finally it was performance day. We crept quietly into the Allen Centre and watched with amazement as a flood of colour and movement washed over us. Thank you Mrs Stedman and the delightful dancers, we loved your performance - and we were allowed to see it twice!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And then there were the winners!

Abby's busy bee won the first race and Kylie sprinted to the finish to win the jandal race. Liam was the obvious winner of the gum boot toss while Josh T, followed by Charlotte were the winners of the weetbix munch. Well done champions!

Our Kiwiana competitions

First we had a busy bee race. The wheels had to stay on the ground and that was hard. Next we had the jandal sprint and the gum boot throw. Finally we had a competition to see who could eat a whole weetbix first. Now that was very difficult!

And then we had pavlova

Georgia brought a pavlova to share with the class and guess what? Pavlova is delicious. Thank you, thank you Georgia! Can anyone find out why it is called a pavlova?

Kiwiana Day

What fun we had in Room 9 today and what an interesting class we had. There was Fred Dagg, many All Blacks, Barry Crump and some Silver Ferns. There was a Four Square shopkeeper, a barbecue operator, a pohutakawa flower and even a busy bee.