Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Native Bird Art

Since starting up our Room 9 Bird Cafe, we have become very interested in our local birds. We are going to take part in the Otago Daily Times count the bird project. It will be tricky to see how many wax eyes are feeding during one hour. We decided to do some native bird art with Mrs Simpson. They look brilliant. Why not come to assembly next week and you will be able to see them. You will also be able to listen to our recorder and guitar playing.

Great Ball skills

Today we had an exciting game of Stop Ball. It was a very close game with 47/45. It was very important to work as a team. We then practiced our dribbling skills and were able to try to shoot a goal. Who managed to get their ball into the hoop?

Great reading Charlotte

Charlotte loves to read and this morning she brought back her library book that she finished last night. I wonder who will read it next. Can you tell us why you liked this story Charlotte?

Our mail is starting to arrive!

Today Camryn got her letter from Mosgiel and Josh T got a parcel from his Dad in Blenheim. How exciting! Camryn's aunty wrote her letter at work. Inside Josh's parcel were two letters, one from his Dad and one from his cat! What a clever cat. When Josh looked in the box there were enough bars of fruit leather to share with the whole class. They were delicious! Thank you, thank you Josh's Dad!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Family Connections

Olivia's Mum and Dad are away and her Grandma has come to stay. Today she came in to school to collect Olivia and Luke. Tonight they are going to have a special fish and chip meal together. What great family connections!

Bird Art

The frosty mornings bring great activity to the Room 9 Bird Cafe. After watching the birds we decided to create some birds using a collage technique. Mrs Simpson shared her ideas with us. First we sketched our bird and then we painted sheets of paper in the colours of our bird. Today we cut the paper into strips and covered our birds in feather collage. Next week we will paint the background. They are already looking impressive.

Photographer: Abby

Friday is Big Buddy Time

We moved swiftly through the frost to Room 5 to be with our Big Buddies. It was freezing outside but inside we were warmed by the kindness of our big friends. Thank you Room 5!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday in the Allen Centre

We were back in the Allen Centre today. We loved watching the Allen Centre birds with the binoculars. We must try and get some binoculars for Room 9. We also love sharing the books we have chosen. Room 9 love reading chapter books.

Jump Jam

Our daily fitness for Term 2 is Jump Jam. It keeps us fit and flexible and it is fun. Charlotte and Keertthana were chosen to lead on the stage because they are great Jump Jam role models. Well done girls.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Up, up and away!

We have all written to a family member who lives somewhere in New Zealand. The letters have been posted and now we are waiting for replies. We have written to many places such as Morrinsville, Auckland, Blenheim, Christchurch, Waikanae and many Otago and Southland towns. We are wondering who will be the first to get their reply. What fun!

The Nuggets came visiting today

We were very lucky at lunchtime today because the Nuggets came visiting. Children were able to practice their ball skills with the experts. How did you enjoy it Keziah and Liam. We watched you dribbling the ball with great skill!

The Cruise

On Monday I took all my stuff to school. I had a flower, a drum, a flower necklace, a bag, a little dress and a fan. I had more stuff. I was wearing a new dress from the island. It was so hot I was still hot with the dress on. There was a shop called Chocolate. I had a wonderful time in Vanuatu and Mystery Island.

Reporter: Georgia

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Great drawing Jayden

Jayden and his bus pal Caleb like to draw on the way to school. Today Jayden brought along one of the pictures to share with us plus a very flash pen. We were impressed.

A catapult competition

Today the two catapults were set up on the field and the competition began. Which one would fire the furthest? Potatoes made great ammunition. Repairs were made and the potatoes flew across the field. What fun we had!

Look at our letters!

As part of our Inquiry unit about connections in our family we decided to write to a family member that doesn't live in our house. We all brought an envelope from home with an address on it and then we wrote the letters. Now we are waiting for the replies to arrive at Outram School.

Friday, June 17, 2011

How Exciting

Today I went and took a photo of the model of Masada. It is outside because people who made catapults are going to fire at it. It is going to happen at lunchtime.

Photographer: Brooke
Reporter: Brooke

My Bear

I brought my big teddy last week for show and tell. They are both very soft and cuddly.

Reporter: Kylie

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Secret Place

Last week I was playing at the stone play ground in some trees and my secret tree base which is two trees - the biggest tree and the smallest tree.

Photographer: Olivia
Reporter: Liam

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The birds have arrived!

Today Keertthana brought along a wonderful sign post for our bird table and Josh W brought along a delicious lunch for the birds. We peeped out between our class posters and there on the table was a wonderful flock of wax eyes. We held our breath and smiled. What can we find out about wax eyes?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lucky birds

Keertthana and Charlotte brought very generous food parcels for our birds this morning. Lucky birds! Look what happened to Kylie's bird food. Talk about hungry birds!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mmmmmm what is that flag?

I leapt out of the car in the middle of rain and wind and managed to get a new photo challenge for the blog. Who can find out where it comes from? What can you find out about this country?

Buddy time with our recorders

Recorder is not easy for everyone, so we decided to have some buddy time to share and to make it easier. Everyone found a place in the classroom and out along the verandah to practice. The noise was incredible! We came back together at the end and the music sounded brilliant!