Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Trophy

I won this trophy from soccer because I attacked the ball. It was terrific . I get to keep the trophy for a whole week.

Photographer: Liam
Reporter: Olivia


Ruby may said...

Wow Olivia,
you did a great job.

Emma said...

Olivia you must of done a good job.

Liam said...

How many goales did you get Olivia?

henry said...

what sport do you play? olivia where did that trothy come from.

Craig and Caroline said...

Great job Olivia. You got the trophy for continually attacking the ball and supporting the rest of your team. We're proud of you!
Love Mum and Dad

Logan Kakahi said...

Great job Olivia. I wonder how you
got it. What did you do to get it.