Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hartley demonstrates Olympic Values at the Athletics Sports

I was happy :) that I got a GOLD medal for doing a great job at Athletics.
In the beach flags race I let Carlos get the last flag.

Hartley :)


laura said...

Dear Hartley were proud of you for getting a meddle you did a good job.

liam Barron said...

Very well done Hartley for getting that gold meadal at athletics

WILLIAM said...

yay Hartley that's awesome I wish I got a gold medele for something too and I have from cubs gave one to my brother Nicholas because it was so small . So I had the real won!


Cameron said...

Well done Hartley you tryed your best in Athleics.
Out of 1-2-3 you came 1!
Hartley is the best Athletics.
Hartley you gave the last beach flag to Carlos.
Well done HARTLEY.

Michael said...

Well done for getting a gold medal Hartley i am proud of you

Isaac said...

WOW ! Hartley we all think you did well

Hannah said...

Well done Hartley for getting that medal that shines in the sun like a diamond.

Hartley said...

I liked my comments and it made me feel happy. thank you

Seth said...

You did great to get the medal.How does it feel to have the medal Hartley?