Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A busy day at the Room 9 Bird Cafe

This morning when I drove to school it was -6 degrees! In the staff room there were some stale scones so we covered them with honey and put them on the bird table.  Flocks of wax eyes and sparrows enjoyed the feast. Suddenly a beautiful tui landed on the table and all the smaller birds quickly settled in a nearby tree waiting for the tui to leave.


lydia and greer said...

Hello my name is Lydia and I have a little sister Greer we are Hannah's cousins myself and Greer think that your bird cafe is a really cool idea. We come from just out of Taupo we live in a little village called Reporoa Greer and I really like your classroom it is a great learning space I hope you enjoyed reading this comment

From Lydia ( 10 ) and Greer ( 8 )

Hannah said...

If I were a bird I would definitely come for a visit at the room 9 bird cafe.