Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hartley's painting of Marley

At art class Jill drew Marley and I drew the eyes,nose and mouth. I painted him red. I painted his eyes  and his nose black. Jill helped me paint the black around the outside.

This is Marley.

Reporter Hartley


Hartley said...

I like art

Liam brady said...

Hartley you are a great artist and you have got a great art teacher.Wow Hartley that was great picture

Hailey said...

Cool dude dog Hartley

Andrew Matheson said...

Woooow! That dog looks epic!
Nice work Hartley. :D

Andrew Matheson said...

Wooooow!That dog looks EPIC!
Nice work Hartley. :D

hailey said...

do you do art class?