Monday, March 21, 2016

Where do teachers go to school?

Hello Room 9! This is the view I had from the aeroplane on Sunday night as I flew up to Hamilton.

How lovely to see the sun setting into the clouds...

This morning I went for a walk around Hamilton Lake and saw some beautiful pukekos with their chicks.

So this is where teachers go to school! This is one of the sculptures in the grounds of Waikato University.

Here I am with two of my new friends. It is lovely and warm up here in Hamilton. I will be here learning some new teachery things till Thursday and be back home to spend Easter with Joe and Evie Rose and Mr Grace. I will see you all next week and am looking forward to our next exciting school trip! See you soon Room 9, keep on shining.


Room 9 said...

Dear Mrs Grace
We loved hearing about your adventures. The clouds looked amazing. The chicks were so cute.
Tayla:Where are you sleeping?
Claudia: Are you still in Hamilton?
Paper: Are you missing your family?
Kurt:Have you had a nice time in Hamilton?
Charlotte: What are your friends names?
Hannah: what does the school look like inside?
Jessie: Who is your teacher?
We are all missing you.
Love from Room 9

Anonymous said...

IHello guys...I am sleeping at a friends house in Cambridge not far from Hamilton, I am at the airport ready to come home, I am really missing my family, I have had a wonderful, wonderful time. My friends names are Morag and Julie, the school has lovely classrooms, my teacher is called Liz but there are lots of other teachers here too and we are all teaching each other new things, I am really missing you all too. Have a lovely Easter.
Love from Mrs Grace

Anita matheson said...

I loved the picture from out of the plane window. Its a great view.