Thursday, June 9, 2016

This morning it was -7 degrees when we came to school!



Yesterday I found a frosty leaf and I gave it to Mrs Wright. She took a photo of it. It was really, really cold!

Reporter: Kimberlie

I found my leaf out by the school fence. It was icy around the edges. I brought it inside to share it and then I had to take it quickly outside because it was melting.

Reporter: Lucas

When I was out by the Harold truck I found this cube of ice. It was a freezing morning. It is warmer today.

Reporter: Levi


Hannah said...

It looked really beautiful.

Maddie said...

it was very very cold

Tayla Bain said...

It was really cold this morning.

Tayla Nana said...


WILL said...

It has bene cold this winter.