Wednesday, October 22, 2014

We counted the money!

It was an important day today in our "Penguin Story." Room 10 joined us in Room 9 and we were all excited. How much money had we raised? First of all we looked through the big book to remind ourselves of the journey we had been on. We then made some estimates as to how much we had raised. Then the money was shared between four containers and the children were divided into four groups. The four groups worked in separate teams and the money was counted until we had the total -


When we recounted the total changed slightly but we all felt so, so proud. What a great effort! Mmm what next?


Fletcher said...

It was fun counting the money.I knew there was something wrong with the money.

gabrielle said...

I was rather shocked to see all that money.When I was
doing the run I thought we would only reach about
five hundred dollars.

anita said...

I cant believe that we made all that money just in one hour.

Hannah said...

That was a lot of money we got for the penguins.They will be happy about that.We did a lot of work to earn that much money.

Seth said...

We made allot of money.

Mrs Wright said...

Since writing this post we have received more money! We now have $2001.20. What an incredible effort Room 9 and Room 10.