Thursday, October 16, 2014

What was happening at lunchtime today?

It's great to be sitting outside for lunch again but we do need to remember our sunhats. There was plenty of activity in the playground today. A group of Year 3/4 children busily worked at their touch skills while Aynsley and Brylee were busy weeding with the Garden Club. Anita and Stellar worked hard at their stilt walking while Rosa, Gabby and Olivia were playing a very imaginative game escaping from cruel owners. Finally Mac and Ben were busy with sandpit constructions.


Caitlin W said...

Hey Anita and Stellar I used to find that if you climb onto your stilts off of something ( I used to use my trampoline ) and then take baby steps, you will be able to stilt walk all over the place!
Caitlin W

Anita and Stellar said...

Thanks Caitlin

Isaac said...

My rugby team was working hard to get the touches