Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bike Week

Today Constable Ross visited Outram School. Room 9 spent the morning with Constable Ross going through some bike safety rules. First of all we put on our helmets correctly. The wee adjustable buttons on the side need to be right up under our ears.

We need to be able to get a finger between the strap and our chins; so it is snug and tight but not too tight.

Next we need to be able to fit two fingers between the top of our helmets and our eyebrows.

You've got it Oscar!

Then we did some riding on the line and close control work on our bikes.

Daniel wasn't feeling too confident so he worked hard on the small court at starting off and pedaling. Great job Daniel; you showed wonderful perseverance.

We even spent much of our lunch time on our bikes cycling around the obstacle course that Mr Marshall had set up. Some of us even had a go at the barrel race.

Then this afternoon Room 9 and Room 10 joined together. We had eight separate groups working on different skills; stopping and starting, long distance biking, hand signals, getting on and off safely and close control skills. 

Here is Rakai working on his hand signals.

Signaling left...

and signaling right!

Phew! It has been quite an afternoon. Thank you so much to all the wonderful parents who made this afternoon possible: you really shine!!

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mya said...

I loved signiling. Bike week was fun.