Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Amazing Allen Centre

Wednesday is a day to look forward to in the week because this is the day we get to visit the lovely Mrs B in the Allen Centre.

Look a the huge bug Lucas found.

What  a great tool Paige has found; everything looks so much bigger through this.

"I'm going to take a closer look at this!" says Oscar...

Emilie and Jessie come for a look too.

"I've found a jawbone!" says Jessie.

Emilie has a close look at a skull.

Where in the world is Molly? Tayla does a little research looking at the photographs, the treasures Molly found and the map. I wonder if she will guess just where Molly was?

Wonderful! Some of us are sitting quietly reading the books we have chosen and some of us are playing chess.

Mrs B has some terrific new games for us to play at lunch times. She explains the rules of the games so that we will be able to play them when we next visit the Allen Centre.

Thank you, Mrs B, we love The Allen Centre!

Reporter: Mrs Grace

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