Friday, February 5, 2016

Moving Protraits

We have been doing some exciting art in Room 9: moving portraits! We are going to create some really terrific pictures of ourselves: moving. We need a bit of practice though, because some of us have never done moving portraits before...

Mrs Wright gives us some helpful tips; she's so good at this we think she may have done this before...

We use some templates to help us for our practice; we choose one moving picture at a time and
just have a go! Mrs Wright is very proud; some of us found this so hard but we gave it a go anyway and wow! What great results...

Here we are about to take a trail around the room with Mrs Wright to look at all the work that we have done.

We get some ideas to help us with our own work. Our next step is to make our own self this space!

Reporter: Mrs Grace

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