Monday, February 15, 2016

Biggest mushroom in the world?

Tim, Mya, Matilda, Ethan and Cydney went out with Mrs Grace to see a big mushroom in Mr Braid's field. We wonder if it is the biggest mushroom in the world. We did some poems and stories about the mushroom.

Smooth white mushroom
green long grass
brushing whooshing wind
blue cloudy sky

By Matilda

It looks so smooth I want to touch it. There are hairy bugs on it. It's huge, it's about the size of my face. Water makes it grow. I hear the wind whooshing past. It's in a big field.

By Mya

White lines 
bugs crawling all over the place
the biggest mushroom in the world
is right here.
But now we're over here.

By Tim

My eyes opened wide
when I saw the biggest white mushroom in my life.
It was the biggest smoothest mushroom I had ever seen.
We saw lots of bugs on the mushroom. 
The mushroom lived in a big sunny paddock.

By Cydney

As we climbed over the fence I saw a big, white mushroom. The mushroom had big bugs all over it, ants and mosquitos. I felt the wind and it was all quiet.

By Ethan 

Edited by Mrs Grace

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